Kurt Angle has one person in mind when it comes to the greatest WWE superstar of all time.

Replying to a tweet WWE put out about Angle's match against John Cena at the 2003 edition of No Mercy, Angle stated how much he loved the feud with Cena and proclaimed the former WWE Champion as the greatest of all time. Angle's reasoning for putting Cena at the top of the list is because of how long he was dominant and consistent during his WWE career.

When someone questioned Angle's statement of Cena's consistency, Angle clarified that he was talking about those among full-time wrestlers. If one were to include part-timers, then the Undertaker would be Angle's Greatest of All Time pick, according to the Olympic gold medalist.

For anyone curious about the No Mercy match between Cena and Angle, highlights of the match can be seen at the top of the page.

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