Kurt Angle Says His Quality Of Life Sucks, Admits To Manipulating Doctor For Fast Returns In Heyday

Kurt Angle always wrestled a very physical style in the squared circle. Unfortunately, over the years it took a real toll on Angle's body and now, Kurt is saying it has affected his quality of life following retirement.

Speaking on the Joe TKO show, Kurt Angle, who retired last year at WrestleMania 35 after losing to Baron Corbin, revealed that he's not sure if he would go back and do everything exactly the way he did in his life because he now deals with a considerable amount of pain. Moreover, having just overcome painkiller addiction six years ago, Kurt admits the pain makes staying clean a real struggle.

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"I don't know. I mean, I'm hurting pretty badly," Kurt revealed. "My knees, my back, my neck. Sometimes I think about, you know, would I go back? My quality of life right now sucks. So, I do have a lot of suffering. I had a painkiller addiction that I overcame about six years ago and staying clean and struggling the way I have been, it's very difficult."

When asked if he felt pressure by WWE to continue putting pedal to the metal in spite of his injuries, Kurt would admit that nobody ever forced him to do anything and he would actually manipulate loopholes in WWE's former wellness policy in order to be medically cleared quicker and return to the ring and a significantly shorter amount of time.

"No. Nobody ever forced me to do anything. I had a great doctor that gave me three neck surgeries and he was very easy to manipulate," Kurt admitted. "So, when I broke my neck and I had surgery, I would talk him into clearing me to go back early. And at the time WWE didn't have their wellness policy set where they had their doctor clear you. We would go to our own doctor. And I was able to do that a couple of times where I shouldn't have been back and I did. So I broke my neck four more times in WWE. And it caused me to go into a downward spiral with painkiller addiction and just almost ruined my life. So it was very difficult."

With the physical portion of his career now behind him, Kurt Angle is currently transitioning into a backstage producer role within WWE. Recently, he touted three young superstars on Monday Night Raw as future main eventers of Wrestlemania. Learn more about that by reading this story.

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