Kurt Angle Starting Addiction Recovery Program

Kurt Angle will be helping people suffering from addiction.

On his blog, Angle wrote about the root of his addiction issues, which started with a prescription. 

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"My addiction started when I was prescribed painkillers for a neck injury in 2003. I didn’t know how powerful the opiate drug was until I found myself taking an insurmountable amount of Vicodin. To be exact, I was taking 65 extra strength Vicodin per day. I started taking one pill a day, and before long kept doubling the dose over and over again. I loved the feeling it gave me, because it allowed me not to feel anything" wrote Angle. 

Angle would eventually leave WWE for reasons related to his drug problems. He then signed for TNA, where he said he ruined his reputation outside the ring..  

"I had a successful career with TNA as I did in WWE, but I ruined any good reputation I had by receiving 4 DUIs in 5 years. I knew I had to do something to save my life and my marriage, so I checked into rehab and I’ve been clean and sober for over 3 years" wrote Angle. 

Angle said he had family deaths and issues during his days of addiction and sobriety. Angle emphasized his ability to cope with tragedy solidifying his sobriety. Angle is semi-retired and sporadically wrestling on the independents, but has other aspirations -- he wants to give back to a community with which he sympathizes. 

"What’s my next move? To help others suffering from addiction. I have started a program called #AngleStrong to help addicts in recovery STAY clean. It’s the least I could do for what God has blessed me with, and it’s time to give back for a life that was so focused on me and my accomplishments. #AngleStrong will be launching this year, and I will be promoting it, along with the #AngleStrong App to help addicts in recovery" wrote Angle. 

Angle has used the hashtag "#AngleStrong" before but Angle is starting a focused version on a personal passion project. 

Angle directed fans to his twitter to reach him about helping them or a loved one with addiction. 

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