Kurt Angle Talks About Wanting A Re-Do On Brock At Mania And That Time Val Venis Almost Got Owen Hart To Beat Up A Guy

Kurt Angle recently took part in a Q&A on his Facebook page. Questions ran the full gamut, but there were a few that garnered some noteworthy responses from the Olympic Champion.

During the main event at Summerslam 2000, you took a pedigree through the announce table. Do you remember anything after that since it seems that you were legit knocked out?

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"Yes, I got a concussion. I don't remember anything after the pedigree. I "woke up" 2 hours later with an oxygen mask on me. Scary...horrible night. HHH and Rock got me through the match though."

Is there any one match you've had that you wish you could go back and wrestle again?

"Again? Lesnar at Mania. Except, I'd like to be healthy this time."

Who else would you like to face on the indies if you get the chance?

"I don't know. Maybe Ryback, but I think I may be done wrestling at indies after Rhodes/Angle 3 in NEW in March."

Any good Owen Hart stories?

"Owen called the front desk of the hotel he was staying at. Val Venus was in the lobby. Owen asked to speak to Val. Owen then told Val he was a huge fan and wanted to beat his ass. Val asked Owen (who was disguising his voice) 'then come to the lobby and let's settle this dispute.' Owen said, 'I'm here in the lobby. I'm the fat guy that is standing near the elevator.' (There was a heavy set man at the elevator. Owen saw him there before he called lobby). Val went over to the guy and said, 'you have a problem with me?' Owen then hurried down to the lobby to stop Val from whipping this poor guy's ass. Classic Owen."

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