Kurt Angle Talks Wrestling Vince McMahon For Real In A Plane

Kurt Angle tells a riveting tale of wrestling Vince McMahon during the infamous "Plane Ride From Hell."

Angle is no stranger to fighting and wrestling people outside a WWE ring, but one time, he had to wrestle Vince McMahon on that plane ride. As revealed on a recent episode of "Broken Skull Sessions," Angle spoke on the time he wrestled McMahon and it all started with McMahon sending women towards Angle and then using that as an opportunity to jump the Olympic gold medalist.

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The tomfoolery got to the point where the flight attendant asked both men to stay put in their seats, to which McMahon defiantly responded by saying he would buy the plane if he so wished.

“My version is that Vince was feeling frisky and he was drinking a lot of wine. There was a lot of wine stains on the floor everywhere because we were wrestling. He kept getting girls to come up to me and say, ‘Hey, I want to talk to you for a second.’ He thought I was like this Romeo and I fooled around. He would have Terri Runnels or Lita or Trish Stratus, they would come up and say, ‘Hey, I want to talk to you.’ I thought this was stupid. I guess I’ll go along with it because every time I would get up and talk to them, Vince would jump on me from a seat or out of a bathroom and he would start wrestling me and then I would reverse it and get him down and say, ‘Are we good?’ He would say, ‘Okay, we’re good.’ I would get back to my seat and fall asleep. He kept bringing people to come bring me here and there. So there was one point where we were near [the lever for the plane door] and we were wrestling near that. Flight attendant’s like, ‘You better sit down or we’re gonna land this plane right now.’ Vince looks at her and goes, ‘Tell the pilot to go fuck himself. I’ll buy this fucking plane.’ I couldn’t believe it," Angle said.

That wasn't the end of it as McMahon tried to sneak up towards Angle, which caught the attention of Chris Jericho. Angle also mentioned that he gutwrenched McMahon and then Undertaker came in and locked in a choke hold on Angle.

"Finally, he calms down, he goes to the front, I go to the back. We’re sleeping and they tell everyone to put their seatbelts on because we’re landing. As we are landing, Jericho’s sitting in front of me and he looks down the aisle and Vince is army crawling as we hit the ground. He’s army crawling and Jericho looks at him and goes, ‘Do you believe what this son of a bitch is doing?’ I look and I see Vince coming at me while we are landing. I let him jump on me and he ends up getting me down. Earlier, I leveled Vince. I picked him up and slammed him on his head. I had him down. I gutwrenched him and Taker comes from behind and he grabs me and tightens it. I could not move. This son of a bitch had me in a choke hold and there was nothing I could do. You know Taker, he’s a badass, he’s strong as hell and he knows submissions. He has me and I’m tapping Taker to let me go. I knew it was Taker because he was so damn tall. Taker got in the action a little bit," Angle said.

You can check out the full episode on the WWE Network.

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