Kurt Angle: Vince McMahon Had Me Say Crazy Things That Wouldn't Fly Today

Kurt Angle discusses some outlandish things he's had to say.

Kurt Angle famously told Rey Mysterio that he is a boy in a man's world, and that Angle likes to play with boys. It's a comment that wouldn't work today. Angle did plenty of things during his career that wouldn't work in 2024, like stalking Sharmell, and he does have some regrets.

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"Yeah, definitely offensive," Angle said about his line to Mysterio when asked at Steel City Comic Con. "I said a lot of stuff back then. This was a time where I was cutting a promo on Rey Mysterio and I said, 'Rey Mysterio, you're a boy in a man's world, and I'm a man who loves to play with boys.' I was like, 'No, that's not what I meant.' I did this like three times, I messed up and said something perverted. It became a meme and the fans loved it. I was a heel back then and it was a good time for the fans to make fun of me because I said something so messed up. I said a lot of stuff back then. I even said I'm not a fan of black people. I said some crazy stuff that Vince McMahon had me say and it just wouldn't fly today. That was one of the promos that people took offense to. I enjoyed doing it, I really did, it was funny."

When asked if there was anything he refused to say, Angle replied, "Unfortunately, no. I said whatever Vince McMahon told me to and I probably shouldn't have said some things I said. Yes, I regret some things."

Elsewhere during the Comic Con, Angle revealed he was still under contract with WWE.

You can find his comments on potentially being at Royal Rumble or WrestleMania by clicking here.

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