Kyle O'Reilly: It's Been Eight Years Since I've Won A Singles Title, AEW Dynasty Is My Destiny

Kyle O'Reilly believes that it is his destiny to capture the AEW International Championship at AEW Dynasty.

Kyle O'Reilly is on the precipice of capturing his first singles championship since his days in Ring of Honor. All he has to do is defeat Roderick Strong, a former NXT Tag Team Championship partner of his at AEW Dynasty on April 21.

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After being successful in a Trios Matchrr on the April 20 episode of AEW Rampage. Kyle O'Reilly opened up about how important this match is to him in an AEW digital exclusive.

"There was one point in time when Roderick Strong and myself were legit the best tag team in the world," he said. "I get what happens, people change, whatever, but that respect for Roddy and the love for Roddy, I mean, I was willing to stay far away from the International Title because of that. But yeah, as soon as Roderick became threatened, The Undisputed Kingdom, they get threatened and they behave like snakes behave and when they feel threatened, they bite. That's the difference between a snake and you, Roderick. You're a human being. So when you felt threatened and you bit, it just makes you a coward, man. That's alright. I mean, it was never about friendships for you guys. Just surround yourselves with whomever can help you win championships.

"I get that, Roddy. That's how you and I used to roll, too, man. I get that," Kyle continued. "Then to behave and act so offended when I turn down this bogus t-shirt offer that you... Well, you act like a little kid and you smash your toy on the ground when you can't play with it anymore. I'm not smashed on the ground, Roddy. I'm not broken. You could say that I'm neck strong, but I'm not just neck strong, I'm mentally strong. I'm more mentally strong and tougher than I've ever been in my career, Roddy, and that's not good for you. There's one thing you're forgetting about Dynasty too.. and that's in St. Louis. That is a home away from home for Kyle O'Reilly."

Kyle then explained the significance of St Louis Missouri to the early days of his career and his life overall. He then went on to talk about having not held singles gold for the better portion of a decade promising to end that drought in St. Louis at Dynasty.

"When I left my country and I left my family in 2009, I went to St. Louis. I didn't know anybody. That city, that took me in, man. It treated me like one of their own. I fought so hard for so many years, being hailed from St. Louis, Missouri. Now I get to come back after all these years and fight for my first singles championship. Eight years since I've won a singles title, and to do it against you, Roddy, I mean, the timing, it just couldn't be more perfect. This isn't just for me and for my family. This is for the wrestling fans of St. Louis. Because Dynasty is my destiny."

At this link, fans can see what Kyle O'Reilly told Sean Ross Sapp about the significance of working with Roderick Strong in his first major program coming off of such a long absence from the squared circle due to injury and surgery complications.

Fans can check out the full card for AEW Dynasty here.

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