Lacey Evans Talks WWE Releases, Says WWE Makes Sure Everybody Is Taken Care Of

Lacey Evans expressed her sadness upon seeing the many releases WWE announced. 

During an interview with The Walkway Fight Club, Evans spoke about the recent WWE releases and admitted that it was hard for her to see so many of her co-workers be released as she understands what it feels to be at rock bottom. 

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“It's terrible," Evans said. "I take it hard because I know what it's like to come from no money and come from a rough childhood upbringing. I know what rock bottom feels like. I know what that sick feeling in your stomach feels like when you don't know what you're going to do. That's all that I could think about is 'Man, what are they going to do?'"

While she is sad that there are people who are no longer employed, Evans says WWE is supportive and that they will make sure people are being taken care of.

“This hits them last minute. But I also do know that WWE is very supportive. They do what they have to do, but they make sure that everybody has what they need and is taken care of, and to the point of going forward. But it's just a crappy feeling. I just can't imagine being in that position. I also know of going back to the military, of being able to adapt and overcome. You just got to keep pushing. You can't let life no matter what it is; no matter what cards you're dealt with, you keep got to keep playing, you got to play your hand, and you got to play to the best of your ability. I mean, it's hard. Like I said, me being a mother, I've got to get up the next day. I've got to pour my cup of coffee and I got to keep on pushing. It reminds me to be prepared and not only to be prepared myself but to prepare my child because you never know. You can't count your chickens before they hatch. You got to save for a rainy day. A lot of emotions and thoughts come through. I just keep them all in my prayers and wish them the best and then do the best that I can to continue to keep pushing and be good at my job and continue to learn and do the best that I can in there," Evans said.

The most recent WWE talent release that was announced by the company was former Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel.

Credit to Steven Muehlhausen for the transcription. The full interview can be heard at this link.

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