Lacey Evans Wants To Use WWE Platform To Help Those Struggling In Life

Lacey Evans opens up.

Some are in it for the fame. Others for the fortune. But Lacey Evans is a professional wrestler so she can tell others to "wash their face." Appearing of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, Lacey Evans opened up about her struggles growing up and using the WWE platform to lift those who may be going through their own struggles.

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"When I got the chance to tryout, my first thing was, I googled the Divas and I thought, 'Absolutely not.' I'm a US Marine. I can't be one of them. They are these beautiful actresses. When I got the job, I was like, 'I don't think I can do it.' I was running a construction company, I was on a SWAT team, and I had a chance to be a WWE Diva. I'm thinking, 'Wow.' I was debating like, 'I can't do this.' As much as I've been through in my life, going through drug addiction with my family, depression, suicide, having to live in tents. Seeing what drugs and depression does to people," said an emotional Evans. "You mean to tell me, there is a chance I can be put on a platform to tell these babies that are going through it and need their parents, these parents that are so depressed and feeling like there is nothing they can do. You mean that there's a chance I can look these babies and parents in the eyes and tell them, 'I've been there. You can.' Give me the high heels. I'm going."

Evans continued, "That's my main motivation. I wasn't a model or actress. I know what it feels like to be put in a situation where your parents aren't there, your dad is slouching in a chair because he's so high that he can't sit up straight. He has burns on his stomach because of the cigarettes where he passed out smoking. I can tell these kids that they need to get up and keep going. I will sign any line. You tell me where to be and I will be there because I know what it feels like. I will tell people that they need to snap out of it and they need to find the help. That's my motivation.

Evans ended by saying, "I don't care about the money. I want to help people. I want to tell the world, 'You're not done trying. Wake up, wash your face. Keep working at it and get the help you need."

The former Marine hasn't wrestled much since being called up to the main roster at the end of 2018. But she consistently appears on both Raw and SmackDown, interrupting segments and matches by walking out and then walking to the back. 

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