Lana Cuts In-Character Promo Joyous About Rusev's Release

Lana took a stroll down memory lane to address Rusev's release from WWE.

They say “Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman,” and Lana is reminding Rusev and the WWE Universe of every single trial and tribulation the couple endured before finally splitting on-screen in 2019.

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Rusev was one of the many names like go by WWE on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 and he had largely been off of WWE television following a bitter rivalry with Lana and her new husband, Bobby Lashley.

Now, Lana has bacon to her personal YouTube to address her real-life husband's firing and remained in character while doing so.

“Rusev is not exactly what you think he is. He has manipulated each and every single one of you fans,” she began while playing clips of Rusev berating her during their first on-screen split in 2015. “Why do you think I was taken jail in Nashville? Why? Why do you think the cops in Nashville took me to jail? Because they were bribed by ‘The Bulgarian Brute’ Rusev, of Rusev Day. He bribed them. He bribed them with a bunch of T-shirts. He bribes them with a bunch of, you know, singing songie songies.”

Continuing on, Lana would pull the curtain back a little bit by saying she understands what it's like to know that a character won't be returning to television anymore and even seemed to start to compliment Rusev before ending on a cold note.

“Whenever my favorite character is either taken off the show, written off the show or, you know, died on the show, I'm devastated. So I get what the WWE Universe is feeling right now. They are devastated that so many of their favorite characters are not going to be on WWE programming anymore,” she continued. “I know that Rusev, and he was the number one trend, number two globally and like number one in the USA trends or something crazy... I can assure all of you guys, not that I'm talking those of everyday or something like that, I can assure you that the man that I found in 2013 in NXT, discovered him. The man that climbed up the ladder in WWE is made up of a lot... *video cuts* Anywho, what does ‘The Ravishing Russian’ Lana have to think about her ex-husband, Rusev, being fired? Karma's a bitch.”

Lana can still be seen every Monday night alongside Bobby Lashley on WWE Raw.

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