Lance Storm Recalls Sabu Planning A 'You F'd Up' Spot In ECW

Not all botches are botches.

Speaking on the Table Talk podcast, Storm detailed his decision to join ECW, sharing some funny stories from his time with the promotion. One such instance happened with Sabu, who according to Storm, wanted to "work" the smart fans by purposefully making it look like they messed up a spot. Here's what he said:

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"We had a match at the [ECW] Arena and he [Sabu] hated the smart fans who thought they knew everything. I had that spot where, if you sent me to the corner, I'd jump onto the top rope with both feet and I’d come back with a back elbow. Sabu had a spot where he'd send you chest first into the turnbuckle and he'd bounce off the second rope and do a kick. He says, 'I want to work the fans. I want you to go for the elbow and I'm going to go for my kick. We'll crash in midair and they'll think we F'd up. They're going to chant 'You F'd Up, You F'd Up,' but they're going to be wrong because we intended it to happen. I'm going, 'So you want to create a spot on purpose where it looks like we screwed up?' 'Yeah, cause it’s working them.' We did the spot, we crash in midair and lay there. They start the 'You F'd Up!' chant and I hear Sabu on the side just giggling and laughing. He's all happy and is like, 'We worked them!'

Storm worked for ECW from 1997-2000, at which point he joined WCW. He then competed for WWE from 2001-2005. He returned as a producer in November 2019, but his run was short-lived, being furloughed in April 2020 as part of the COVID-19 cutbacks.

Elsewhere in the interview, Storm spoke about how he hopes to return to wrestling once the Canadian border opens without restrictions.

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