Lanny Poffo Explains Randy Savage's Philosophy On Wrestling

Randy Savage wanted to put on the best show. 

In 1988, Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat competed at WrestleMania III for the Intercontinental Championship in an all-time classic match. Denny Burkholder of CBS Sports interviewed several of Randy Savage's co-workers about Savage and the match. His brother Lanny Poffo explained that Savage expected a lot of his matches and WrestleMania III was one which haunted him. 

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"His theory on the business was, if you don't give the fans everything you've got, you're no better than a pickpocket or a shoplifter because the fans pay the money and they deserve the best show you can give them," said Poffo. "His match with Ricky Steamboat, it kind of ruined his life because he was never able to equal or surpass that match in his opinion. Now, that is a subjective thing, but he never got over that match...that he couldn't top it," he later added.  

In the rest of the interview, Ricky Steamboat and Lanny Poffo spoke about Savage and that match at the Pontiac Silverdome. Poffo also spoke about his childhood with his brother and their early days of being professional wrestling fans. Burkholder also spoke with the Brooklyn Brawler, Gene Okerlund, Bruce Prichard and others about Savage. 

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