Lanny Poffo: I Owe A Refund To Anyone Who Has Seen Me Do A Moonsault Lately

"The Genius" Lanny Poffo recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything Q&A. You can see highlights from the session below, and the full post at this link.

Moonsaults into his 60s:

Yea I am embarrassed to tell you that I have... and if anyone bought a ticket to see it I probably owe them a refund... actually I am going to Tower, MN. I'm going to wrestle in a ten man tag match... I hope I get to hold the rope a lot.

And I (went) to Dundee, Scotland. but I am not going to wrestle, I am going to sing O' Flower of Scotland, it's not the national anthem, but it's what they sing at the football games. I'm a big fan of Amy McDonald and she inspired me, she's a Scottish singer.

The Hall of Fame ring he owns:

I'll have you know I've been offered a lot of money for that ring, but I never sell it because it belongs to the fans! I get to wear it, but I am not going to sell it for thirty pieces of silver or whatever the price is... I believe in karma.

Memory of Vader:

I was in the locker room with him one time and I did not introduce myself and neither did he, I noticed him in there and the room was full of people. I didn't go up to him and he didn't go up to me... so that was my only memory of Vader.

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