Lanny Poffo Puts Jerry Lawler, Pat Patterson, and George Steele On Blast For Previous Comments About Randy Savage

Lanny Poffo launched The Genius Cast on Monday and he's here to set the record straight on everything Randy Savage.

Speaking about the Randy Savage DVD put out by WWE, Poffo explained that he liked the majority of it, but he took issue with comments made by two WWE Hall of Famers.

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"I liked everything about the DVD except the performance of Jerry Lawler and Pat Patterson, who could say nothing good about my father and nothing good about my brother.

"At least Jerry Lawler -- thanks to Jimmy Hart -- opened the door for Memphis for the Poffo family and was very good for our career. We were able to use that as a stepping stone to get to the WWF. So, Jerry Lawler was good for the family. Pat Patterson on the other hand did everything he could to undermine our family from day one. Don't ask me for the reason. There is none. Some people just don't like you. Some people misuse their power. I respect Jerry Lawler and I like him, even though he made this mistake by not honoring the memory of my brother and father."

Genius Cast co-host JP Zarka played a clip of their comments. Both men spoke to the "frugal" nature of Lanny's father Angelo. Lanny clarified that his father gave him and his brother everything growing up and he was confused as to why Lawler and Patterson would make those comments without knowing how they were raised. 

After defending the spending ways of his father, Lanny changed the conversation to his brother and his overprotective ways in regards to Elizabeth. 

Going back to the DVD, Lawler spoke about Randy's "obsession" with Elizabeth and wanting to keep an eye on her 24/7.

"Jerry Lawler has been married and divorce about 30 times," Lanny fired back. Once you get to that stage, you shouldn't be giving marital advice. 

"When Randy and Elizabeth were together, Jerry Lawler wasn't even there. Anything he heard was hearsay." 

This led to Zarka reading a quote by George Steele, who discussed Savage's "jealousy" and locking Elizabeth in the dressing room.

"My brother did not lock Elizabeth in the dressing room," responded Poffo. "I hate to trample on the grave of George Steele. Randy was actually sick of working with him. He told me in confidence, 'How do you think I feel? I wasted all this time learning to wrestle and then I wrestle George Steele and can't use any of it.' That was the problem between them. There was some animosity there."

After explaining that Elizabeth had her own dressing room because she was a female and shouldn't be dressing with the boys, Poffo added, "There was never a lock on Elizabeth's door. Nobody had the balls to open the door. So they assumed it was locked."

A fired up Poffo warned that if anyone else had something bad to say about "Macho Man," Poffo would not be afraid to call them out on his podcast. You can listen to the debut episode of the Genius Cast at this link.

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