The Latest On Fire Pro Wrestling World: Match Types, Features and More!

It's been some time since we last talked about the upcoming release of Fire Pro Wrestling World, but that doesn't mean news hasn't been flying about the latest installment in the long-running franchise.

Over the last few weeks, developer Spike Chunsoft has announced numerous features for the game as well as what fans will have the ability to enjoy when the game heads into early access on PC in the near future.

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Three modes will be available right away in early access. The modes are a standard Exhibition match using various rules; Tournament Mode that involves up to 32 wrestlers taking part in a single-elimination tournament; League Mode that features eight wrestlers per bracket with up to four brackets.

There will be nine different match types to try ranging from standard singles matches to MMA-style fights.

Details on the match types can be found below:

Normal Match: Standard match with no special rules.

Cage Deathmatch: The ring is surrounded by a steel cage. The first to climb over the top and escape (or pin the opponent) wins.

Barbed Wire Deathmatch: The ring is enclosed in electrified barbed wire that explodes on impact, causing huge damage and possibly bleeding.

Landmine Deathmatch: Landmines are set around the ring. If someone is thrown outside the ring, the landmines explode for massive damage. You can also set the landmines to go off at a fixed time.

SWA Rules Match: Our own homebrew rules (SWA=Spike Wrestling Association) that are a mix of pro wrestling and MMA. No fighting outside the ring, no pinfalls: Matches are determined by a ten-count or KO.

Gruesome (MMA) Fighting: 3-minute rounds fought in a 12-sided ring built for MMA matches.

Participants: Single, tag, 6-man tag, 8-man tag, mixed.
Battle Royal

  • Normal: Eliminated wrestlers are forced to leave the ring.
  • First Win: First pinfall wins the match.
  • Endless: Eliminated wrestlers stay in the ring and continue to fight.
  • Over-Rope: Any participant that is thrown over the rope is eliminated.
  • Timed: The match starts with two wrestlers and other participants enter at timed intervals.

Title Match: A mode to decide which wrestler is worthy to earn your custom title belt.

Mission Mode: Single-player mode that teaches you the ropes. Geared towards new players who need to learn the grappling system and controls.

All of the above matches and modes will be available for offline play right away, and will allow up to nine characters -- eight wrestlers and one referee -- on the screen at once. Online will be limited to one-on-one matches initially with support for more competitors coming shortly after its launch.

The game will also come with a fully-featured editor that will allow players to create custom wrestlers, referees, teams, rings and championships for use throughout the game. Players will also be able to share their creations with other players across the globe.

A look at the championship editor in Fire Pro Wrestling World

And though it won't be available until the game sees its full release later this year, Fire Pro Wrestling World will allow custom music to be used for entrance themes, allowing fans to create the perfect custom wrestling or MMA federation.

Lastly, for now, players will also be able to finally rename moves within movesets.

Fire Pro Wrestling World launches in early access later this summer with a release on PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam) later this year.

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