Lil Uzi Vert Hits Up The Nightmare Factory, Sasha Banks Favorite Rumble Moments | Fight-Size Update

Here is your fight-size update for Tuesday, January 26, 2021:

- Rapper Lil Uzi Vert was recently at the nightmare factory in Georgia and took a picture with AEW wrestler, Lee Johnson

Hikaru Shida: I Thought I Could Have Done More And Better As AEW Women's Champion

Speaking with the Complex Sports Podcast, Sasha Banks opened up about her favorite Royal Rumble moments.

To be in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble. To go into rehearsals, and seeing all of these Legends, and then to be pulled aside and to be like ‘you’re going to be the girl that’s going to lead this, you’re going to be the girl that’s going to have to do all of these things.’ It’s more than just being a good performer and putting on a good show for you guys. It’s making sure I show up for all of these women and women that haven’t been in the ring for how many-plus years and then a lot of brand-new women who haven’t been in a WWE ring. It’s a lot of pressure, and being in a crowd in Philly! It’s more than just one thing, it’s more than what you guys really understand, so that’s why I always say ‘if you guys only knew!’”

- WWE Superstar Spectacle aired this morning on WWE Network. WWE released several backstage videos with the Indian stars being praised.

- Speaking with Sportskeeda, Drew McIntyre opened up about working with Hulk Hogan at WWE Raw Legends Night

"Surreal. My dad texted me afterwards. He also posted a picture on Facebook…a picture of Hogan and me doing the speech- ‘What you gonna do brother when Drew McIntyre and Hulk Hogan run wild on you?’ We’re doing the speech together. He sent me a message- ‘Remember watching WrestleMania 7 with your brother? As a 7-year old, 6-year old. and Hogan being the man back then?'

“I tried to play it cool. ‘Yeah dad, I’m the WWE Champion and Hogan wants to hang out with me. But realistically, inside as a wrestling fan, I’m screaming. It’s absolutely incredible that I get these cool opportunities. Like performing Hulk Hogan’s shtick with Hulk Hogan. (Laughs)”

- Speaking with BBC, Aleah James proclaimed her excitement when agreeing to sign with WWE mid-pandemic.

“I didn’t even say anything. They asked: ‘Is that something that you’re interested in?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah! Yes!’ It didn’t even feel real, I was so confused.”

- Viktor, formerly of WWE's Ascension, spoke to Wrestling Inc. and credited Jon Moxley for his new nickname.

“I am a comic book fan, but actually, it was Moxley that said it one day when we were training at Hard Knocks. The song came on, and he just looked at me and he was like, ‘I see you getting up in the morning just having that song playing. You walk out in your living room and just light a cigarette and start making eggs, and you probably kick some girls out of your apartment or whatever,’ and I started laughing.

"I was like, ‘Well, you’re right about the cigarette and eggs and definitely not kicking the girls out of my apartment at that time.’ It just kind of stuck. Everybody just kind of laughed and it just always stuck. All the guys that were around just kept calling me that. It’s one of those things that’s more or less true. I don’t know if I’m a lord of space, but I spend a lot of time out there.”

- Triple H appeared on the Michael Kay show and talked about being called to work Monday Night Raw last week. (h/t: Andrew Thompson)

“I said it a few weeks earlier ironically, not thinking it was going to happen so quickly but I said I’m like that little box on the wall that says ‘use in case of emergency, break glass.’ There’s a little hammer there, you smack it, pull the handle, Triple H pops out. To be honest, I got the call the night before and was like, ‘Hey, we’re gonna write you in the show tomorrow’ and that was it. It’s not the same. As a performer, my hat is off to all the men and women right now that are doing this week in, week out, that did it all this time during COVID and the pandemic and did it in front of no one. Did it in front of few, did it in front of video walls with fans cheering and booing. It’s not the same. It’s difficult when you’ve geared your whole life and your whole career towards getting that reaction and working towards it and now you have to work towards the reaction that you believe that you will get and — but it’s not the same.”

- WrestleZone recently interviewed Matt Cardona, aka Zack Ryder, who indicated he is hoping to carry the torch in IMPACT despite not yet signing a contract with them.

"I said it last week on IMPACT backstage, the reason I’m here with IMPACT is for an opportunity and I feel like I will get one here. The locker room, I think it’s one of the most underrated in the history of the business, there’s guys hungry and craving their first opportunity, guys craving another opportunity, and guys that have been in the business so long that they never really got a true opportunity. It’s this whole mish-mosh of people and I feel like I will fit in perfectly, and IMPACT is the spot where I will get an opportunity. And you know what? If I fail, at least I got the opportunity, and opportunity is all I’ve ever wanted,” Cardona said, “but I don’t think I’m going to fail and my track record shows that I capitalize on opportunity. They might not come every day, they might not come every year, but when I get it, you better believe I’m ‘Alwayz Ready’ and I’ll knock it out of the park.”

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- Today, WWE stock closed at $57.46 per share.

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