Lio Rush: I Work Better When I Have A Chip On My Shoulder

Lio Rush opens up about his struggles with mental health.

Currently, Lio Rush is in All Elite Wrestling but several times over the last few years, Lio Rush has halted his wrestling career, opening up about the mental and physical toll the industry has taken on him through the years.

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Now, speaking on the Gettin’ Better podcast with Ron Funches, Lio Rush opens up about his struggles with mental health dating back to his childhood.

Lio also reflects on what keeps him motivated to continue and how he uses that motivation to keep a chip on his shoulder that allows him to thrive under pressure.

“One thing that has definitely helped me is constantly reminding myself of why I'm doing the things I'm doing and who I'm doing it for. If there is somebody you're doing it for, even if it's just for yourself. Constantly reminding yourself why you're doing something. I'm currently going through this, being in a different environment and working through some demons and different obstacles and personalities and learning how to adapt and overcome, and trying to get to where I'm trying to get to. That's being able to provide for my family and give them the life I never had growing up. Just provide a better life and show them that there are options and other avenues than what is currently in front of you. Just reminding yourself of why you're doing something and who you're doing it for, that's helped me out my entire life and still helps me out now. Regardless of how many things I've accomplished or how famous I am. I'm still human and going through things just like everybody else goes through things. I'm still keeping the goal intact."

He continued, "With all the things I've gone through in my childhood and teenage years and now with depression, anxiety, PTSD, it all stems from when I saw that first glimpse of a different kind of lifestyle; being in a private school, leaving and going back to public school because my parents couldn't afford private school because I stopped playing baseball and I was on scholarship and I went to be an amateur wrestler because my favorite pro wrestlers have amateur backgrounds and I wanted to move in that route. I did, lost my scholarship, went back to public school, and dealt with things I was dealing with my parents. I wound up in a group home at one point with my mom and sisters, in and out of court a lot. Just going through things that teenagers probably shouldn't have to go through while being in school. My mind was never really on school, the only thing my mind was on while in school was sports, that's how I took out my anger and coped with things. I knew that was my strong suit and I could excel. I work good under pressure and better when I have a chip on my shoulder. I always like keeping that chip on my shoulder because good things happen.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Rush explains why he has such a love for Game Changer Wrestling. Read his comments here.

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