Lio Rush Says He's Out Of His Comfort Zone As A Loud-Mouth And Brash Kid On WWE TV

Lio Rush rose to prominence in WWE as the manager of Bobby Lashley. Rush became the perfect mouthpiece for the soft-spoken Lashley as Lio was loud and confident. But that's not exactly who Lio is when he's off television.

Speaking on the Swerve City Podcast, Lio revealed he was out of his comfort zone as Lashley's manager. 

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"People were so used to seeing that loud-mouth, brash kid that was on television that made people hate him. It was weird to me, to switch and be somebody different than who I am in real life. I feel like I'm pretty calm, cool, collected. To be out there, screaming through a microphone every week was pretty nerve-racking. Definitely out of my comfort zone," he said. 

Lio was taken off television following WrestleMania 35 due to reported backstage issues. He returned to television in September 2019, rejoining NXT. During his time away from WWE, Lio turned to music to fuel his creative side.

"Over the course of break where I wasn't part of the company, kinda taking a hiatus, I started writing music. Over that time, I wrote down enough music to probably make three or four projects. It was a sensitive time for me. Everybody wanted to know what was going on. A lot of people's perception of me was, it wasn't positive. And it definitely didn't help that I was a heel on television and I was doing my job as a heel and making people hate me. That definitely didn't go in my favor. I felt it was the perfect time to work on something that I always wanted to work on," he said.

Lio Rush currently splits his time between NXT and 205 Live. His album 11:11 is out now. You can find more information about the album by clicking here

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