CM Punk Talks Getting Back In The Ring, Tells Seth Rollins To Delete Twitter On WWE Backstage

CM Punk is back on WWE television.

Welcome to Fightful's ongoing coverage of WWE Backstage featuring CM Punk as a special contributor and analyst. Fightful will provide updates on everything Punk says and more on WWE Backstage. As he promised on social media, "no one is safe."

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- The money has hit CM Punk's account and he has a lot to say.

- Ember Moon reveals her torn achilles. She is out indefinitely.

- Booker's biggest takeaway from the week is Kevin Owens getting back on track. Ember's biggest takeaway is the stamina of the NXT roster. And Paige's biggest takeaway is Samoa Joe on commentary. Ember would like to see stakes added to Survivor Series.

- IT'S CLOBBERN' TIME! CM Punk is here for a one-on-one interview with Renee Young.

- Punk says the idea of him on WWE Backstage was floated to him and he didn't immediately shake his head, which planted the idea that it could work. Says he doesn't have a relationship and hasn't talked to anyone in WWE. "It's a me and Fox thing." Calls it an interesting dynamic. "I get to criticize the product. That's what made me popular." Says he can't get fired, jobbed out, or suspended for speaking his mind.

- Punk says he hated when the office would work the boys, which is basically what he did last week. Discusses his nerves from last week, which shows he made the right decision.

- "Wrestling is something I mastered." Punk says his inner circle is small now. Says AJ, Renee, and maybe 10-12 people knew of his return last week. "I thought about doing a Shockmaster thing, but nobody would believe I did it on purpose." Says he's at a point where he can pick and choose his gigs and doesn't have to work with jerks.

- Says Jim Ross messaged him after the appearance and still texts with Ross.

- Renee asks if Punk will step back into the ring, mentioning Survivor Series in Chicago and Royal Rumble. Says he's not actively pursuing or interested in a return, but knows not to say "no." Says a bridge will have to be built between him and WWE for him to return.

- Punk believes the product is the same as when he left. "It could be better and more." Says stuff is overproduced and micromanaged. Punk likes the women, but doesn't like the forced women's revolution. "You don't need to put a hashtag or label on everything." Likes NXT because he sees himself in them. "Those are the characters less tainted."

- David Arquette joins the show and goes to promo school. Arquette has to cut a promo on Booker T. Arquette says he won the WCW Title before Booker and helped Booker meet his wife on the set of Ready To Rumble. Says Stevie Ray carried him and he should have given up his career after WCW. "I may have had a terrible wrestling career, but it was way better than your MMA career," Arquette says to Punk. Arquette ends by saying he loves Booker. Renee gives Arquette a D+ for going on too long. Punk gives him a F-. He liked the MMA comment but the rest wasn't good. Ember gives him a C-, saying it was a little all over the place. Paige gives him a C, saying it went too long.

- Booker calls Arquette, Tito Jackson, and says he hasn't done anything that hasn't gone straight to DVD in the last 20 years. Booker praises Arquette for saying he deserved the WCW Title at the end of his run and says he also loves Arquette. The panel say Booker has gone soft.

- A clip of Deontay Wilder saying he could perform in WWE is shown. "I wouldn't turn it down if it came."

- We see the infamous "Big Dog" clip from SmackDown. Punk says, "the less said, the better. It makes me regret doing this show." Calls it garbage and bad creative. Booker thinks Mustafa Ali should shine at Survivor Series. Paige believes Bayley should win the women's triple threat. Punk thinks Rey vs. Brock could be great and believes the crowd will be into it. Booker is looking forward to Fiend vs. Bryan.

- Seth Rollins' "Fight Me CM Punk" tweet is shown. Punk says Seth needs to stop tweeting. "This isn't the show where you shoot your angles." Punk asks Renee who her favorite Shield member is. "I like them all equally," Renee says with a laugh. Punk thinks Rollins and Reigns are the top guys, but that can wear on fans. Punk wants Seth to delete Twitter off his phone. "You're not doing yourself any favors."

- Punk cuts a promo on Tom Arnold and drops a "shit" bomb. Punk also takes multiple shots at Seth Rollins. Booker calls him out saying, "He said Seth, he's trying to get back in the ring." 

- And that's the show. 

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