Full Coverage: CM Punk Returns To WWE Backstage, King Corbin Joins The Show

CM Punk is back on WWE Backstage as a special contributor and analyst. Also set for the show is King Corbin. This marks Punk's second appearance on the show and first appearance since Nov. 19.

Follow along with Fightful's ongoing coverage of the show beginning at 11 p.m. ET on Fox Sports 1.

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- After introductions, we get a recap of this past week on Raw and SmackDown. Booker likes Seth's heel turn. Punk is taking the "wait and see" approach with Rollins and AOP. He doesn't want to see a "regurgitated Shield." A J&J Security reference is made. Paige likes the turn as well. "They want Seth to be entertaining. He's not good at being a good guy. The ironic thing is, everyone is gonna cheer him," says Punk.

- Punk did not hate the dog food segment on SmackDown. Compares it to Carrie. "Dog food, pigs blood, is either one cornier? Bad guys need to do bad things." Punk and Booker both wanted the segment to be more realistic in how they got the dog food and what brand it was.

- King Corbin joins the show.

- Corbin loves being a heel and upsetting people. Booker says he hasn't heard boos like what Corbin gets since Vickie Guerrero. Corbin says Dolph Ziggler told him the same thing. Corbin says his job is to help people get cheers. Corbin says Kurt Angle's kid flipped him off after Corbin won at WrestleMania.

- "What I'm doing on television is not that far from who I am in real life. I'm not anywhere to make friends," says Corbin. Says it's easy being hated on social media because it's a cheat code to irritate people because wrestling fans are easy to trigger. Punk says Corbin has thicker skin "than some people we've had on the show."

- Corbin reveals they used real dog food on Roman.

- Corbin praises The Rock and says it was a special moment to share the ring with him. He felt like he hung with him on the mic.

- A look back at the WWE TLC 2017 bout between AJ Styles and Finn Balor. Balor says the "too sweet" wasn't planned.

- We get an AJ Lee reference as Paige recalls beating AJ to win the Divas Title. Paige credits AJ for being calm in the moment. "She does stuff like that for me all the time," says Punk. Punk recalls going 55 minutes with Chavo Guerrero at a house show because travel issues caused late arrivals. Punk jokes that AJ and Finn should have kissed at the end of the match.

- Matt Leinart joins Corbin and Renee. The two were teammates on the Cardinals. Corbin recalls Leinart welcoming him to the team by inviting him to a hotel party. He also discusses getting into fights at practice. He got fined for fighting in Indianapolis but hugged in Arizona. 

- The Viking Raiders will issue an open challenge at WWE TLC.

- Paige wants Mr. Miz to show up at WWE TLC. Punk jokes that Bray's dad (IRS) should show up. Paige wants no red light in the match. Punk agrees. Punk would book Lashley to leave Lana down the line, setting up a team of Rusev and Lashley. Lana brings in a new team to challenge them. They put Lana in a shark cage at WrestleMania and the losing team gets her because everyone is sick of her. "I don't know if they're still doing shows in Saudi Arabia, but I have ideas for Lana in Saudi as well," says Punk. 

- It's trivia time. Renee Young hosts the game show Smarten Up. Paige, Punk, and Corbin are the contestants. They are playing for Booker T's money. 

- Punk didn't know Warrior beat Hogan at WrestleMania 6 because he was watching Starrcade. No one knew Bob Backlund won the WWE Title in 1994. Everyone loses the trivia contest. So Booker wins? 

- CM Punk says the WWE Hall of Fame will continue to be illegitimate if every member of the NWO isn't inducted. 

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