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Here is your fight size update for Friday, September 3, 2021:

- Logan Paul is back and he is backstage at tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown.

Tony Khan: 'I’ve Found AEW Has Gotten Stronger The More I Take On'

- Speaking on the latest edition of their podcast, the former IIconics gave their advice to independent wrestlers in the wake of the news that WWE is no longer specifically looking to sign superstars from the independent scene.

"Don't stop chasing a dream. If you are good enough, and if you are the star, like you said that you know that they need, they will sign you. On the flip side of that, if they don't feel like they absolutely have to have you and this is maybe a tough pill to swallow, but you don't want to be there. Yeah, like getting caught in the shuffle. You know, being a part of something where there are 300 other people vying for the one spot and you're fighting for three minutes of TV time," said Cassie Lee.

Jess McKay added, "There are so many companies all over the world that are fruitful. There are so many other companies where they're flourishing, the industry in general. I feel like industry -- just because there's one door that's shut, there are a million others that you can walk through."

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- Speaking with TV Insider, Darby Allin explains what he learned from watching CM Punk on television when he was younger.

If there is anything I took from CM Punk it was being yourself is good enough. You don’t have to change who you are based on everyone else’s expectations of who you are. It is going to be a very special moment being there on Sunday with him.

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- Speaking with Cageside Seats' Shakiel Mahjouri, Maria Kanellis-Bennett talks finding out she was pregnant with first child

“So then two weeks later, we found out I was pregnant,” she shares. “Now, we weren’t trying. We had tried when we were in Impact, but we hadn’t been trying. I was under the belief that it wasn’t even possible at that point because we had tried before and it wasn’t happening. Just so happened that we got pregnant at that time. Now, I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t even really talking to Mike. I was only taking care of him. I didn’t even know if we were going to stay together at that point because he had lied to me for four-and-a-half years.

“WWE had no idea that Mike had this addiction and was in recovery. I find out I’m pregnant and it was early. I didn’t know if we’d even keep the baby because a lot of times if there’s going to be a miscarriage, it happens within those first few weeks. So we held onto that information. And then Miz and Maryse announced they were pregnant. The very next day we told WWE. When we had our conversation with them, I said, ‘I can stay on the road, I can work. My doctor said I am a very low-risk pregnancy. I’m healthy, so I could stay on the road as long as possible.’ [WWE replied,] ‘No, no, no. Stay home. Stay home.’ OK, fine.”

- Orange Cassidy and Ric Flair, you love to see it:

- Speaking with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, Angelina Love explains her role in ROH's Women's Division

"Yes, I was. And I, you know, I suggested a couple of girls that were brought in too, so that was really good. And they performed very well, like the company was very happy for them. So, um, yeah, I know. Plus, you know what I mean, like, I've been doing this for over two decades. So I appreciate that they respect my opinion, and I can speak up because, you know, I do want the best for the product because I really do love Ring of Honor, I really wanted to see it just do just explode again, you know, to me, because it's like Wrestling's like ebb and flow. It's like a roller coaster ride, just depending on society, and you know, whatever. So yeah, I do appreciate that they appreciate, you know, my input."

- Today, WWE stock was trading at $52.05 per share when the market closed.

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