Logan Paul Is Grateful To WWE And The Wrestlers, Says He's Re-Writing History In Real Time

Logan Paul has only had three matches in WWE, but he's already made a huge impact and been trusted as the headliner for WWE Crown Jewel.

Though Paul failed to capture the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns and WWE Crown Jewel, many peers and fans praised him for his performance and gutting through despite suffering a knee injury midway through the match.

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Speaking on ImPAULsive, Paul looked back on the match.

"I'm so grateful, very grateful to the WWE, to the fellow wrestlers who opened that spot up for me and set the stage very nicely for me to come in and put on a performance that I was very proud of. There are so many wrestlers in the WWE working so hard every single week to build this organization. I come in as an outsider and do my best to either raise the bar or keep on par with the expectations that WWE fans have. I worked my ass off. That's the one thing I can always promise that I'll give you. Love me or hate me, I promise, every time I step into the WWE ring, you're going to be entertained. I say that with my fucking chest out. I'm going to put on matches that you'll never forget for the rest of your life. I'm telling people, real time, I have no problem saying this, it's coming from a place of confidence. I faced Roman Reigns in my third match, he's the face of WWE, I walked in there with my chest out, chin high. I want to make sure that people are as understanding as I am about my belief in re-writing history in real time. I'm telling you my match is going to be for the ages. I'm telling you that you're going to remember it for the rest of your life. Are you going to tune in and watch or catch the highlights after? Are you going to show up to the stadium and watch me put on these high-flying performances or are you going to watch the highlights after?" he posed as a question to the audience.

Answering his own question, Paul said, "Either is fine, but I'm having so much fun in this organization. I have to say thank you to WWE, thank you to the wrestlers for setting the stage for me. I'm glad that I showed up in a way that, truthfully, I was very proud of the performance I put on. I'm a tough critic. The fact that we did that match and had the reactions that we had and that I blew my knee out halfway through and somehow finished this match. When it happened, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to go off the rope or go over the ropes. I didn't know how I was going to finish. I fully committed, in my head, to losing this leg. I'm not kidding. Everyone was looking at me, I'm not going to let the fans down."

After the match, Paul said he suffered a torn meniscus and MCL, and potentially tore his ACL.

When asked for an update on his knee, Logan said he would make YouTube video about WWE Crown Jewel and the fallout from the event.

"Things have changed. It's a shitty injury, very bad. It could have been worse, that's the good news. All will be revealed soon. This affects my future with the WWE, my boxing future. I already had to cancel a fight. It sucks. Injuries are the worst thing ever," he said.

It is unknown when Paul will return to the ring.

Elsewhere during the podcast, Paul called out John Cena and gave his thoughts on why the match makes sense. Fans can check out his comments by clicking here.

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