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Tonight we get to see Melissa Santos take her rage towards Marty "The Moth" inside the ring as she battles alongside Fenix. The pair will face Marty and his estranged sister Mariposa in a feud that has been waiting to happen inside the ring for some time now. Who will prevail? All this and more tonight on Lucha Underground as we get closer to Ultima Lucha Tres! The action starts at 8 EST on El Rey Network!

We see Melissa training for her match with Fenix. It looks like she has an armbar that may come into play. She looks like she is read for the match. She asks to see Fenix without the mask, but Fenix resists and says no. He says his mask is everything to him When he put it on he felt reborn. She says mask or no mask, he is Fenix to her. He still won't take it off. He says if he loses his mask, he will lose everything. She says he will not lose her and gives him a kiss.

Famous B is the guest announcer tonight.

Dante Fox vs. Texano

Dante attacks from behind and delivers stomps, Fox works on Texano's arm, clothesline by Texano. Fox out of the ring, Texano gives chase and takes a boot to the face and Fox does a flip onto Texano. Fox continues to go to work on Texano out of the ring. Texano back in the ring, Fox with another flip onto Texano, cover and kick out. We see Killshot watching from the crowd. Fox with a series of slaps and punches. Clothesline by Texano, big elbow, cover and kick out by Fox. Texano with a kick, elbow again, backbreaker by Texano. Elbow and spinning kick by Texano, cover and Fox with foot on the rope. Fox comes back with a kick and then a DDT off second rope, off the top rope and cover, Texano kicks out. Texano with another big move, cover and kick out by Fox. Fox with a series of kicks then a crucifix bomb, cover and kick out. Both get to their feet. Texano with a backbreaker, cover and kick out by Fox. Famous B comes in and declares Texano the winner even though Fox kicked out. Fox rolls up Texano while he was distracted, ref counts and Fox takes the legitimate win. Texano is pissed and tries to beat up Famous B. Cueto comes out and says that he cannot let him because Famous B is the announcer. However, next week Cueto makes a match for Famous B vs. Texano. Cueto says if B can beat Texano, he will make Texano his client.

Winner: Dante Fox

In Cueto's office, Son of Madness says that if he wins, he is going to put himself in the main event title match, then he comes face to face with Pentagon Dark. Pentagon Dark says he will win.

Mariposa and Marty "The Moth" Martinez vs. Melissa Santos and Fenix

We start with Fenix and Mariposa, Mariposa starts to work on his hand, Mariposa finally lets go and delivers a slap, then Fenix gives one back, Mariposa body slams him, cover and kick out. She runs into a kick, then he delivers another one. Marty gets tagged in and Marty also gets caught with a kick, arm drag, forearms by Fenix. Kick by Fenix, cutter by Fenix, cover and kick out. Fenix delivers another kick sending Marty out of the ring, Fenix flies out of the ring at Marty knocking him down. They return to the inside of the ring. Melissa tags herself in. Fenix tags himself back in before she can get any action. Marty attacks Fenix from behind. Marty drags him by his teeth and throws him into the turnbuckle. Mariposa gets tagged in. She goes to work on Fenix then tags Marty back in. Fenix gets a kick in and looks to tag Melissa. Marty runs into the corner where Melissa is and she kicks him. Hse oes to the top rope, jumps onto Marty, delivers a forearm to Mariposa. Kick to Mary by both Melissa and Fenix. Fenix assists her with a forearm and leg drop. She goes for a cover but no luck. Melissa grabs Marty's arm while Fenix goes to top rope. Mariposa gets Fenix down. Then Marty grabs Melissa by the hair. She gives him a slap. Mariposa ties Fenix to the turnbuckle. Melissa is trying to get away from Marty. She backs into Mariposa and is stuck between the siblings. Melissa goes for a kick but her leg gets caught. Marty and Mariposa deliver a pedigree and take the win. Marty grabs her hair and then the scissors from the lunchbox. Fenix finally gets loose and he saves Melissa.

Winners: Marty "The Moth" Martinez and Mariposa via pinfall

The Gift of the Gods Championship Match

Paul London vs. Saltador vs. Mala Suerte vs. Son of Havoc vs. Drago vs. Cortez Castro vs. Pentagon Dark

It's mayhem as everyone is legal at the same time. Dark and Saltador are in the ring one on one and Dark takes a huge kick then a rana. Drago and Castro come in and fight. Then London tries to take on Drago. Havoc comes after Drago and gets him out of the ring, then runs into Dark's boot. London flies into competitors outside the ring while Suerte and Dark are one one one. Suerte tries to do a pin and Drago breaks it up. Castro comes in against Drago, Castro tries for a cover and Saltador breaks it up. Springboard leg drop by Saltador, Cover and Havoc breaks it up. Havoc and Saltador back and forth. Double stomp to Saltador's back, London breaks up the cover. London comes in and covers Havoc and Havoc kicks out. Drago and Castro comes back in the ring. Then Suerte and Saltador in. It's mayhem. Drago flies out of the ring and then Havoc out of the ring. He goes on both sides. Havoc with cutter to London. Cover and Saltador stops it. Dark is now in the ring with London and Saltador on him. Dark in control.Package piledriver to Saltador, Package piledriver to London, cover! At the same time shooting star press by Havoc to Saltador, cover. The ref counts them at the same time and a win for both since the pins were simultaneous.  Cueto says they both cannot get the Gift of the Gods. So at Ultima Lucha Tres they will face each other in a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods.

Winners: Son of Havoc AND Pentagon Dark- Gift of Gods yet to be awarded.

Cueto gets into a car and Cueto says he has retrieved the Gauntlet for Agent Winter. Cueto says that either Jeremiah Crane or Mil Muertes would be better fits for the Gaunltet. Cueto proposes a three way match with them and Cage. If Cage wins, Winter can personally destroy him.

Ultima Lucha Tres should be a great time! We will see part one of Ultima Lucha Tres next week! Catch it on El Rey Network at 8EST! Stick with us at for all your coverage!

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