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Tonight on Lucha Underground, we will see Ivelisse's return to battle with Catrina, a Battle Royal, and Marty the Moth vs. Fenix in a Hair vs. Mask match! All this and more tonight on Lucha Underground at 8 EST on El Rey Network!

We start with Ivelisse and Jeremiah Crane talking backstage. Ivelisse finds out he is in love with Catrina. Ivelisse says she doesn't need him and she's gonna beat him up after Catrina. He tells her to keep walking away and she turns around and kicks him in the face.

We start with a Battle Royal for a unique opportunity. We don't know what the opportunity is yet.

Battle Royal: Joey Ryan, P.J. Black, Ricky Mundo, Vinnie Massaro, Mascarita Sagrada, Argenis, Saltador, Paul London, Mala Suerte, Cortez Castro, Son of Madness, The Mack, Pimpinela Escarlata

It's chaos in the ring, Massaro is the first one eliminatated by Ricky and P.J. working together. The Rabbit Tribe is working together on Son of Madness and eliminate him, Joey Ryan trying to eliminate Cortez, Sagrada sees both of them struggling on the apron and Sagrada eliminates both Ryan and Castro. Pimpinelaeliminates Paul London. Mala Surete also eliminated, SAltador gets eliminated by Sagrada. Pimpinela working on Argenis and he eliminates Argenis and himself in the process. Sagrada eliminated by P.J. Black, all that is left is The Mack, Ricky Mundo and P.J. Black, Mack eliminates Ricky, Mack and Black one on one, stunner by Mack and he throws Black over the top rope! The Mack has won the Royal!

Winner: The Mack

Dario Cueto comes out and let's see what opportunity The Mack has won. He has won a Trios Championship match with Vibora, Pindar and Drago. Dario says he gets to choose The Mack's partners. He reveals them to be Killshot and Dante Fox who just fought against each other last week in the Hell of War match.

Catrina vs. Ivelisse

Catrina places a box into the corner of the ring under a turnbuckle. This will most definitely come into play later. Ivelisse runs into the ring and spears Catrina. She's ready to be in that ring again. This is Catrina's first official match. Ivelisse gets slapped by Catrina outside the ring. Catrina kikcs her and throws her into the floor. Catrina hides out in Cueto's office. Ivelisse pulls on the door and when it finally opens, Ivelisse gets hit with a glass bottle over her head. They move outside the office and Ivelisse gets head by two more bottles. Ivelisse has blood streaming down her face. Catrina pulls her by the hair up the stairs. Catrina gives her a kiss and then Ivelisse throws her into the step rails. They move to the second story in the crowd and down another set of stairs. Ivelisse takes a kick to the head. Ivelisse comes back with a kick of her own. Catrina makes her way into the ring. Catrina is by the box waiting for Ivelisse to come in the ring. Catrina spears Ivelisse this time in the center of the ring, Catrina does a finisher type move and a cover, Ivelisse kicks out. Catrina grabs the box, there is a stone inside. (Matt Striker states that the stone is a piece of rubble from the Mexico earthquake that buried Mil Muertes as a box. There is a supernatural power that comes with it.) Ivelisse with a spinebuster and Catrina loses the stone. Ivelisse with a cover and kick out. Ivelisse grabs the stone, they fight for it. Ivelisse hits Catrina in the head with it, DDT and cover. Ivelisse takes the win!

Winner: Ivelisse

Crane comes into the ring and he takes a hammer to the back of her ankle. Catrina comes back in the ring and grabs the stone.

Mask vs Hair Match: Fenix vs. Marty "The Moth" Martinez

Marty makes his way to the ring with Mariposa by his side and his lunchbox in his hand. They exchange blows and punches. Marty takes a big kick. Mariposa grabs Fenix's legs and then Marty gets the advantage. Marty takes a huge boot. Belly to belly suplex by Marty, cover and kick out by Fenix. Fenix with a kick to Marty while he was on the apron and he gets kicked off the apron onto the floor. Fenix dives out of the ring and takes out Mariposa. Marty and Fenix make their way back in the ring. Mariposa gets mad at Marty and leaves the ring. Marty trips over himself coming into the ring. Fenix takes Marty down. Fenix misses a moonsault and Marty is up. Marty works on Fenix's mask. Marty makes progress and tries to rip the mask off, we can see half of Fenix's face. Fenix gets back up, he runs into a powerbomb, Marty lifts him upagain and drops him into the top turnbuckle. Then Marty with a big boot. Cover and Fenix kicks out. Fenix is bleeding profusely under his mask. Marty licks the blood of his hands, Fenix runs at Marty and Marty catches him, Fireman's carry, cover and Fenix kicks out again. Melissa looks on with concern. Fenix takes a knee to the face, they move to the apron, Marty takes a cutter on the apron, they tumble to the floor. Fenix rolls him back in the ring. Fenix with a frog splash, cover and Marty kicks out. Fenix is covered with blood and the ring is turning red. Marty with a huge slam, cover and Fenix kick out again. Fenix with a cutter, Marty back up and clothesline. Both men are down and are slow to their feet. Fenix with an uppercut while Marty is on the top rope. Fenix moves up on the turnbuckle with him, Fenix take Marty down with style and a cover, Marty kicks out! They exchange punches while still down on the mat. Fenix slaps Marty and Marty comes back with a curb stomp. Cover and Fenix kicks out. Marty to his lunchbox. He grabs the scissors. He's going for the mask again. Melissa jumps on the apron. She tells Marty she loves him and they will run away together. She tries to get the scissors from him. He puts them down and he grabs her and brings her in the ring. She slaps him across the face. She gives him a low blow. Fenix is back up, he does a running knee to the back of Marty's head. Fenix with a springboard 540 splash and Fenix and Melissa with the cover! Fenix with the win!!!

Winner: Fenix

He keeps his mask, Marty has to give his hair. Marty tries to flee the ring. Mariposa is at the top of the stairs telling him to leave with her. Mariposa turns her back on her brother, gives him a chair shot to the head and handcuffs him to the stairs. Mariposa lets Melissa do the honors! Melissa and Fenix cut his hair and use the clippers. Marty is getting a buzz cut and not very even.

Ultima Lucha Tres continues next week with Part 3 on El Rey Network!



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