LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS 1/11: Mid-Season Finale, Matanza vs Dragon Azteca Deathmatch!

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Mid-Season Finale

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So yeah, don't miss it.

Here are the Results:

We start off the show with Dario and Councilman Delgado (aka Councilman Renegade, aka Lorenzo Lamas) in his office talking about how awesome it is that there are gonna be Gods on Earth now and the Gods will owe them. It's gonna be so awesome, dude. So awesome. El Dragon Azteca comes in and demands a match with Matanza tonight, and he wants it to be a Deathmatch. Dario's like, "Cool."

* Texano defeated Joey Ryan after interference from Famous B and Brenda. One of them passed him a golden horseshoe which he used as brass knucks.

* Johnny Mundo gave an in-ring promo which is like maybe the third or fourth I can remember happening in LU. He talked about how no one cheered for him when he was being great, and now he's the champ, so screw you, you buncha dorks. He says The Mack isn't in good enough shape to last "All Night Long" with him. The Mack runs in, attacks Mundo. PJ Black and Jack Evans run and try for the two on one beatdown save but they both get Stunnered. Johnny is terrified, calls for Security, and to my surprise, the Temple actually has Security! They all get Stunnered too, basically and Mack is left standing tall in the ring, holding Johnny's title belt!

* Cage defeated Veneno.

Cage wore the Magic Gauntlet to the ring, but took it off for the match. Veneno is Cortez Castro (aka Officer Reyes) undercover. He wears a black spider-man inspired lucha mask. After he loses, Sexy Star runs in and beats him down, yelling "It was you!" at him.  She assumes the spider-man type Luchador is the one who has been leaving fake (?) spiders in her locker. An easy mistake to make, I think.

Also, Cage put the Gauntlet back on after the match then flipped out on the ref when he tried to raise that hand in victory. He almost punched him in the face with the Gauntlet hand, then stopped, with "what the hell am I doing?" face.

The Plots. They Thicken. 

* Matanza defeated El Dragon Azteca by Chokeslamming him through the bleachers.

Mysterio ran out, brawled with Matanza, eventually back-body dropped him through the roof of Dario's Office. 

Dario freaked out told every one to Get the Hell Out of His Temple.

I guess that's why we're doing this:

Summer is so far from now, you guys.

What am I going to do with my Wednesdays for the next like five months?

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