Luke Gallows Talks Recent New Day Skits

Luke Gallows enjoys the comedic side of his character and tag team in WWE.

The WWE Superstar talked to The Mirror in the UK about his return to the company and the current feud between Gallows and Anderson and The New Day. The 32 year old New Japan star likes the lighter side of his character, including the 'Ringpostitis' bit.

“I think that in anything in entertainment you can't be one dimensional, there has to be more to it and a little bit more depth, so we've been having a good time doing all that stuff. We look forward to the opportunity to attack more things like that. So ringpostitis is something we intend to bring to Europe [on tour in November] as well,” Gallows said.

Other promos from Gallows and Anderson have seen them poke fun at the Raw Tag Team Champions, including a promo with The Old Day, a fake, older version of New Day that appeared on the Sept. 5 episode of Raw.

“That's one of those things where sometimes you throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks and that maybe didn't, not compared to what we had been doing in the weeks preceding it. That's just how you do it. We'll go out again the next night, try something different, and hopefully it's something everyone can enjoy,” Gallows said.

As for his WWE future, the three time IWGP Tag Team Champion wants to win gold in the biggest promotion in sports entertainment.

“We know that we're a pretty good tag team, but to actually prove that, we've got to go out and put ourselves in the record books by winning the tag team titles here. That's goal number one right now - at Clash of the Champions we want to deliver a great match, a good performance, and come out as the WWE World Tag Team Champions,” Gallows said.

Gallows and Anderson will face The New Day at Raw’s Clash of the Champions pay-per-view for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships.

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