Mace And Mansoor Recall Being Attacked By Braun Strowman During Back-To-School Fashion Show

Braun Strowman was supposed to eat a sandwich.

The Maximum Male Models made the most of their time to shine while on WWE television. In one of their earliest segments, they hosted a back-to-school fashion show on the September 16, 2022 episode of WWE SmackDown. Unfortunately for Mace and Mansoor, the segment ended with them getting attacked by Braun Strowman.

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While fans remember the memeable faces of Mace and Mansoor when they realize their lives are in imminent danger, they do not know that the segment is supposed to be punctuated by Braun Strowman eating a sandwich that has been carefully packed for the segment.

Speaking on Twitch, Mace and Mansoor broke down the segment and allowed fans to be in on some of the inner workings of what was supposed to happen that night, including Triple H really wanting Braun Strowman to eat that sandwich.

Mace: The whole point of that, they were very adamant, [Triple H] was super adamant about the punctuation note on this segment being [Braun] in the middle of the ring with the lunch box that I was carrying — they sent somebody out to buy a lunch box. They have somebody go to catering and make me a sandwich and they had this lunch box perfectly made, they kept it on ice at the sandwich wouldn't go bad, and the point of the segment was we were going to get bulldozed through, Braun was going to beat the crap out of everybody. Then, he's going to come back, see the lunch box, pick it up, open it, take a bite out of my ham sandwich, which is not true because I'm a pescatarian, and Powerbomb somebody while eating a sandwich. That was the most important part.

Mansoor: He was going to Powerbomb me. Don't say 'someone,' it was going to be me, obviously.

Mace: At one point it was going to be [LA Knight] but he got saved. So, music hits, we get the perfect moment that we wanted. We shoot got bulldozed, like shoot. I fall forward because we can't see anything.

Mansoor: This is what we were expecting. We were expecting, 'Turn. Zoom. Braun. Turn. See him. Bulldoze.' what ended up happening was, 'Braun. Bulldoze.'

Mace: So we get our buttholes blown out from behind. As my virginal hole was destroyed, I fall forward and throw the lunch box up into the air, and it lands in the crowd.

Mansoor: So I actually watched that segment back. It's on YouTube because there's a moment where you can tell Braun is looking for the lunch box because Hunter really wanted him to eat that sandwich. So he takes me out. Throws Brennan into the barricade.

Mace: I'm on the floor this entire time and I am scrambling. I'm like, 'Where is it? Where's the sandwich? Because I knew how important this lunch box was.

Mansoor: Hunter wanted the sandwich spot so much.

Mace: He wanted the sandwich so badly. I'm like, 'Where's the sandwich? Where's the sandwich? Then I somebody see somebody in the crowd is like, 'It's back there.' Then, [Braun] you can see him looking for me with the sandwich and I'm selling, I'm moving around, and I'm like, 'It's gone. I'm sorry. I can't do anything. I wish I could.' I thought I was going to go to the back after that segment and get fired.

Mansoor: Then he throws me into the ring, and this is just an aside, but it's very funny. The spot we called was that he would throw me into the ring, I'd sell up, he big boot me and call for the Powerbomb. What ended up happening is that he throws me to the ring, and I sell around expecting a boot, so I'm feeding, and he just grabs me and looks me in the eyes, and he's breathing heavily. I'm like, 'What's gonna happen,' and he goes, 'EURO,' and he gives me a European Uppercut like he's fucking Fit Finlay, like he's William Regal, he gives me a European Uppercut, and then Powerbombs the shit out of me... As we're going to the back, a fan is trying to give you back the lunch box, and you're like, 'No.'

Mace: If I have it when I walk to the back, they're gonna think I screwed it.

Mansoor: They're going to think that you just lost it or you didn't give it to him.

Mace: They would think I would go into business for myself. Yeah, blowing up the sandwich spot... I think I just took it and threw it back.

Mansoor: Because we needed an excuse for the sandwich spot not to happen. So the lunch box had to be gone.

Mace: I needed to destroy the evidence.

Mansoor: There's your fucking dirt sheet story. That's probably the worst dirt sheet story of all time, 'Braun Strowman was supposed to eat a sandwich.'

Now that we've reached the end of the worst dirt sheet story of all time, check out a story from Mace and Mansoor with a bit more substance (but less substance than a ham sandwich).

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WWE released Mace and Mansoor on September 21, 2023. Fans can check out a full list of releases from that day here.

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