Malcolm Bivens (Stokely Hathaway) Addresses NXT Release, Confirms Turning Down Contract Offer

Malcolm Bivens was released by WWE on April 29 as part of multiple NXT releases, which also included Dakota Kai and Dexter Lumis.

Bivens signed with WWE in 2019 and was the manager for Diamond Mine (Julius & Brutus Creed, Ivy Nile & Roderick Strong).

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Bivens had already planned a comedy special Malcolm Live At The Stand for May 5 before his release and still took the stage, addressing his release.

"A lot of people want to know, 'Malcolm, what happened?' You know what they say, there are three sides to a story. Your side, the truth, and their side. I have to be real, I have to...I hate to say I have to...control my narrative. You can't boo me, I'm unemployed, I get a pass. Here's the truth, there are a lot of rumors and speculation, was I offered a contract in February? Yes. Did I say no to said contract? Yes. Was I offered to be with Omos? No, no one said a word to me about managing Omos. Was I told about the main roster? Yes. People, they think I'm crazy, 'Malcom, you threw away millions, potentially, you walked away.' Yeah. I did, because I didn't want to do it anymore. Unfortunately, I wasn't happy. At Stand & Deliver, I had a conversation with the head writer and I told him so. Two weeks ago, I said the same thing, 'I don't think this was for me.' That's okay. Your happiness is not dictated by what people say you should do, happiness is dictated by what you think you should do. There's a difference," said Bivens.

Fightful Select reported that Bivens had turned down a contract offer in February.

Bivens then went into some comedy, cracking jokes at the expense of Top Dolla, John Laurinaitis and NXT UK.

"It's been an interesting few days, mainly because, I heard this mothafucker Top Dolla was talking shit about me. That's what made me think, 'Maybe I fucked up.' When Top Dolla is talking shit about you, you have to reevaluate your life. Who hotta than Top Dolla? Not nada. That motherfucker was talking shit, telling the black community, 'Oh, he's crazy.' Tell Top Dolla I am not crazy, Top Dolla is the crazy one, I'll tell you why. He's the blackest man in WWE history. I thought it was me, it was him. You know why? He started a civil war with the Young Bucks, not over money, cars, clothes, hoes, OVER SNEAKERS! He started a war over sneakers! That's the blackest shit I ever heard. Also, Julius told me I was the talk of the PC. They think I'm crazy too. All the people from the UK talking about, 'What's wrong with the little black bloke, I heard he turned a contract. Is there a drug problem or something?' Shut the fuck up. You can't talk shit about me just because Nick Khan forgot y'all exist. You ain't better than me motherfuckers, you're not better than me. NXT UK is crazy, man. I'm gonna say this, if you work for WWE and you want to stay there forever, get transferred to NXT UK. You could be number one on the FBI most wanted list, kidnap three families, shoot up the Popeye's down the street, they'll put you in a program with Ilja Dragunov. They don't give a shit! Just saying, with all due respect. I gotta be careful because, I talk about Nick Khan, but I know for sure Johnny Ace has my phone bugged and I know he's frustrated too. 'All this motherfucker talks about is Asian women and fried chicken!' That's my life though," he said.

Bivens closed by thanking Diamond Mine and addressing his future.

"Shoutout to Brutus, Julius, Ivy, I'm going to miss them, I love them like they are my kids, but sometimes in life, you have to move on. People have been asking me, 'Malcolm, is this it for you? Is this it as far as professional wrestling goes?' For now, I have to say yes, but will I come back? Maybe. Maybe for the right price," he said.

Bivens' comedy special was sold out. More info on the promoter can be seen below:

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