Mandy Leon Discusses Forming The Allure In ROH With Velvet Sky And Angelina Love

Allure member Mandy Leon spoke to Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio for a new interview. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

Forming the Allure at G1 Supercard: 
"I'm loving it! I think that this is something Women of Honor has needed for such a long time. A lot of people don't know that I kind of stepped back from Women of Honor. I was in the tournament to crown the first Women of Honor champion and I was kind of screwed out of that. Kelly (Klein) tapped twice to me. I was kind of over it. So, I went behind the scenes and wore different hats within Ring of Honor. I tried commentary and broadcasting. But, I had a little plan in the back of my mind. It was just a matter of when the right time was to debut the Allure. The perfect time was G1 Supercard! It was amazing!" 

On the selection of Velvet Sky and Angelina Love to round out the group: 
"I think we're rocking it! It has been in the discussion for some time as to who was going to be in this group. I think they're the perfect fit for it. They have held numerous championships and have a long resume behind them. I think it is perfect. People can expect a lot of rule breaking and a lot of rebellious activity.. And a lot of beautiful people... No pun intended. (laughs)" 

On the experience of performing in Madison Square Garden: 
"Like you said, it was amazing. Just walking into the building, the view alone was heart stopping. (laughs) Being able to step out there in front of... Gosh... In my mind, what looked like a million people. I know it is not that but it looked like that. To have that experience and feeling and vibe... Even though I didn't have a match, I think we made an impact and put everyone in the Women of Honor division on notice. It was great! And, if you think about it, New Japan hasn't really had women's matches in their company. That was a shared ring in there. So, I guess we're a part of New Japan too in a way." 

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