Mandy Leon Speaks On Women's Royal Rumble, Being A Rosebud

Wrestling Epicenter recently interviewed Ring Of Honor's Mandy Leon. You can check out the full interview above or at this link, and highlights below:

Being one of Adam Rose's "Rosebuds" on WWE TV:
"(laughs) That was fun. That was during the early stages of my professional wrestling journey. I say that instead of career because I was still training with only maybe one or two matches under my belt after graduating from the Ring of Honor Dojo. That, for me, was me getting as much experience as I could get in terms pf networking. That was a huge opportunity for me at that time with little experience to be in that environment. It was fun! It was a lot of fun! It kind of got to the point where I was just a regular Rosebud! (laughs) It was fun to learn and travel with those guys and just to see the business aspect of what they do. That was a great experience for sure and a lot of fun!"

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WWE Having a Women's Royal Rumble:
"I think it's amazing. We announced our Women of Honor Title Tournament and the night after, they announced the (Women's) Royal Rumble. I think it is two history making events. Like you said, they're long overdue! It is about time! I think it is great that different entities are doing what they love. We're (ROH) doing what we love, WWE is doing what they love, TNA (Impact Wrestling) is doing what they love. In my eyes and in the eyes of Ring of Honor, there is no competition between Ring of Honor and WWE. A lot of people ask, "WWE announcing a Women's Royal Rumble match the day after you announce a title tournament. What do you think about that?" (laughs) To me, it is two entities doing what they love and it is long overdue! Women's wrestling is so popular right now. Why wouldn't they have a Women's Royal Rumble? Why wouldn't we have a Women of Honor title? Women's wrestling is at an all time high and they just continue to bring it. We're really bringing it! It is something people want to see. And, I love, now, how driven are in the business. A few years ago, it felt, and it still kind of is, male dominated where women just didn't have a lot of opportunities. Whereas now, there are so many opportunities for women everywhere and there are so many incredible talents out there. It blows my mind. A few years ago, there were only a couple of women on the independent circuit. Now, there are just a ton of women scratching and clawing, so to say. I think it is amazing. It is inspiring. It is a phenomenal thing!"

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