Mandy Rose Defeats Sonya Deville At SummerSlam; Sonya Must Leave WWE

At SummerSlam 2020, Mandy Rose defeated Sonya Deville ending their long-standing rivalry and Sonya’s WWE career.

At SummerSlam 2020, Mandy Rose defeated her best friend turned bitter rival, Sonya Deville and due to the stipulation that was set prior to the match, Sonya Deville must now leave WWE. Sonya Deville began her journey on the last season of Tough Enough which aired in 2015. The female winner of that season was actually Mandy Rose and that was the birth of the friendship between these two women that blossomed outside of the ring and crumbled in front of the camera.

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Loser Leaves WWE, No DQ Match
Sonya Deville vs. Mandy Rose

The match begins with Deville catches a leaping Rose in a roll up for a one count, Deville and Rose quickly go to the arena floor and Deville lands some knee strikes. Rose grabs Deville and sends her into the barricade before throwing her into the ring steps, Rose drags Deville up the entrance ramp before landing a suplex. Rose gets Deville up and she sends her into the ring posts a few times, Rose again sends Deville into the barricade. Rose leaps off the announce table and she nails Deville with a flying clothesline, Rose finds a table and she sets it up on the arena floor. Deville finds a steel chair and she attacks Rose with it, Deville then smashes Rose face first into the announce table. Deville gets Rose back in the ring and she follows her in there to get a near fall on a pin attempt, Rose gets to her knees and Deville attacks her with kicks. Deville then cracks Rose with a knee strike for a near fall, Deville corners Rose before attacking her with some kicks. Rose fights back to drop Deville and land some strikes, Rose then lands a corner clothesline on a dazed Deville. Rose goes for a knee strike next and Deville catches her in a dragon sleeper and Rose fights to freedom, Deville then gets Rose in a triangle choke and Rose breaks it with a pin attempt.

Deville gets up and she nails a downed Rose with a few more strikes, Rose fights back and she nails Deville with a few strikes. Rose then nails a charging Deville with a knee strike for a near fall, Deville leaves the ring and Rose follows her out there to attack her with more strikes. Rose then sends Deville face first into the announce table, Rose gets Deville on the table and she goes to the ring apron. Deville rolls off the table and Rose finds a steel chair, Rose throws some chairs at Deville and Deville avoids them all. Deville moves the table before nailing Rose with a pump kick, Deville gets Rose back in the ring and she follows her in there. Rose looks for her finisher and Deville escapes to land a knee strike, Rose escapes the grasp of Deville to land a series of knee strikes. Rose then hits Deville with a double under hook facebuster and another knee strike for a three count.

Winner: Mandy Rose

After the match, Sonya Deville gets emotional due to the loss and her WWE career coming to an end, Otis also comes to the ring to celebrate with Mandy Rose.

Outside of this match, Sonya Deville is also dealing with the horrific incident that occurred on Sunday, August 16th, 2020, when an obsessed fan broke into her home in an attempt to kidnap her. Court documents revealed that Mandy Rose was at the house with Sonya Deville. New surveillance footage was recently released from the incident. Learn more about that at this link.

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