Mandy Rose: Fighting With The Table Was More Embarrassing Than Slipping At WrestleMania

Mandy Rose reflects on fighting the table.

Ar WWE SummerSlam 2020, Mandy Rose battled Sonya Deville in a Loser Leaves WWE match. Sonya was a worthy opponent, but she wasn't the toughest opponent that Mandy faced that night.

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During the match, Mandy tried to set up a table, and couldn't make it happen.

Speaking on her Power Alphas Podcast, Mandy reflected on the spot.

"People don't realize, those tables are heavy. They are heavy, they are hard, you're in the middle of the moment, you're blown (up). That was the worst match I've had. [Sonya] and I both say that was the worst match. There were so many things going on in our life, it was very bad. A very bad match. I practiced that so many times, 'I got this,' and for some reason, I went the wrong way. I tried to lift it (like I did), and you just can't. Then I'm trying to kick it up, and I can't get it up. Then it's moving with me. The ref was trying to help me so bad, 'Do it this way.' Then he's telling me it's getting so bad and it's taking so long that he's like, 'Forget it, fuck the table. Forget it.' We weren't even using it, we were teasing it. It's a whole thing where you tease and then fall into it, but we didn't even have the spot of falling. He's like, 'Fuck it, we won't even tease it.' He kept telling me, 'B plan.' 'Nope, I got this.' It was so embarrassing. That was worse than me slipping at WrestleMania. Those are top two, but it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my career. People still haunt me with it. 'Mandy Rose vs. The Table, WrestleMania 38,'" she said.

Rose slipped during her entrance at WrestleMania 37. The aisle was wet due to the rain, which caused a delay to WrestleMania in Tampa.

One day, Mandy may get her rematch against the table.

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