Mandy Rose Says No One Can Ruin Her Life, Especially Not Sonya Deville

It's just heating up between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

On the May 1 edition of Friday Night Smackdown, Sonya Deville cost Mandy Rose her opportunity to join the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. In a post-match attack, Sonya snapped on her former best friend leaving Mandy with quite the bruise on her leg.

Now, Mandy is saying that it's not over between the two former friends and try as she might, Deville would never be able to ruin her life.

“Well, I was qualifying for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match against Carmella. Carmella was qualifying as well [and] Sonya had to come out. Now she thinks she's a big shot because she had one good promo and all of a sudden. she needs to come out with the mic and she needs to talk and she thinks, you know, 'all eyes on her' now because she's been 'overlooked' for so many years, which is mind-blowing to me that she even thinks that,” said Mandy in a new YouTube video. “Anyway, she ruined my chance to be in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, clearly because she distracted me. She wouldn't shut her mouth. She just kept talking and talking and talking. I mean, I don't know [with] how annoying her voice sounds, to be honest, how anyone wouldn't be distracted. Yes, I took my eyes off Carmella for a second. I knew I shouldn't have and I lost. So not only did I lose but then I got attacked by her, which I don't know why the ref couldn't stop this, considering she wasn't a part of this match, she shouldn't have been out there and she beat the living hell out of me. I have a bruised leg. I could barely walk because my knees are all bruised up. I don't know how I hit my leg so hard that you guys saw that bruise. Yeah, I'm not feeling so great.”

Mandy continued, “Don't worry. This is not the end, Sonya, okay? You want to ruin my life? Oh, honey, please. You got another thing coming if you think you could ruin my life. Because there is not a single person out there that can ruin my life. You can try whatever you want, but it will not happen.”

On a happier note for Mandy Rose, her beef-loving beau, Otis, did qualify for Money in the Bank when he defeated bitter rival, Dolph Ziggler.

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