Manny Fernandez Had No Interest In Becoming A WWE Performance Center Trainer

Some people just aren't interested in what WWE had to offer, and The Raging Bull is one of them.

Manny Fernandez recently spoke to the Duke Loves Rasslin podcast talking about how he was offered a trainer's position over at NXT. He wasn't interested, citing the differences between what he does and what WWE does are very noticeable. He also talks about a time when Vince McMahon suggested a gimmick for him, which Fernandez replied by suggesting he do something to himself instead:

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"When Vince tried to hire me and put horns on my head like a real raging bull, I told him to go f--k himself and made him look like an idiot" he recalled. "So he was (upset) that I never came back begging for a job. I was never begging for a job. I was asked to train down at NXT, I go, 'No, thank you, I train the way I train, I don't want to be told how to train people.' I train people the way I was trained, the way I was brought up and if that doesn't suit you, tough!"

Fernandez is most remembered for his run in the NWA, where he was one of the top stars in the 1980s. He formed successful teams with Dusty Rhodes and Ric Rude, and also feuded with (and later joined) Paul Jones' army.

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