Mark Haskins Recalls The Time He Pranked Marty Scurll At An ROH Show

Mark Haskins remembers one particular moment where he pulled a prank on Marty Scurll.

In an interview with Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling, Haskins talked about the time he and Scurll were working a show in Texas. According to Haskins, Scurll was not feeling well and needed to go to the bathroom, but the problem was that the two of them were supposed to hit the ring in the next match. Haskins told Scurll to go to the bathroom and that he would make a very long entrance to give Scurll enough time to take care of himself. As it turns out, Scurll was not given such an opportunity as Haskins ran to the ring as quickly as possible.

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“I found this hilarious although Marty didn’t. So basically we had a show in San Antonio and he had the worst upset stomach ever. He was telling me, ‘I think I’ve got the flu or something like that down in Mexico’ and I was like, ‘Okay,’ and the match before us was still finishing up and he really needed the bathroom and I was like, ‘Don’t worry mate, you’ve got time. I’m gonna take a lot of time with my entrance. I’ll buy you some time. If you need the bathroom, you go.’ He’s like, ‘Ahh! Thanks man, I appreciate it.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah man, no problem.’ As he walks away, I have never hit the ring quicker in my life. The Ultimate Warrior couldn’t have caught up with me. I stormed to the ring, arms up, arms down, turn around, face the entrance way. Like give them no reason to keep the camera on me. His music starts playing and apparently, he literally just got to the bathroom and sat down as he hears his music playing and I’m in the ring and I’m smiling and I think everybody else was like, ‘Where’s Marty? He’s really making ‘em wait for this intro tonight.’ He finally comes out and we have the match and I found it funny even if he didn’t," Haskins said.

Although Scurll wasn't too thrilled about the stunt, he and Haskins remain very close friends. Haskins even remembered the times they spent training together and Haskins crashing on scurll's couch. 

I think he just kind of rolled his eyes like, ‘Ohh Haskins!’ Like, ‘This again?’ I’ve known Marty for years, he’s been one of my closest friends. Years ago, I used to sleep on his couch and we used to train together so, when he moved out to [the United Kingdom], [he] was based down in Chichester and we used to train in Portsmouth which was about 20 miles away so, I’d travel down, I’d spend time at his place. We’d work out together, we’d eat together, we’d go train in a ring together and stuff and we did that for about a year so, he’s one of my closest friends at that point so, I’m just a pain in the ass,” Haskins said.

You can check out the full interview in the video at the top of the page and you can check out the written version of the interview at this link.

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