Mark Henry Believes John Cena And Daniel Bryan Are Letting Fans Down By Skipping WWE Crown Jewel

Mark Henry doesn't agree with the decision Daniel Bryan and John Cena are making in regards to WWE Crown Jewel.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Henry was asked about recent reports stating that Cena and Bryan were refusing to go to Saudi Arabia on Nov. 2. 

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"It was a horrible situation that it puts our whole country in. But that's politics," he said. "That's up for the country to decide and that's up for the company to decide. It shouldn't have any baring on the talent. Your political views should be your political views. I believe in the business being non-partisan, doing your job, and letting the company be the ones to work out the international particulars. I'm not saying, 'Shut up and dribble the ball' like some people would. What I'm saying is, we do our jobs until we know different. We don't know different yet."

Henry continued, touching specifically on the Bryan and Cena refusing to work the event. "I would never say that person is making the wrong decision. I would say that's not the decision I would make. I would stand by my guns and do what's good for business. I'm a firm believer in not leaving people out to dry. And I've done a lot of things in my career, and in my personal life, where I could have said, 'I'm not doing that.' But there were people hanging in the balance and I didn't want to screw those people over. Our fans, they want to see you. Give our fans what they want."

Cena was officially pulled from Crown Jewel last night on Raw and replaced by Bobby Lashley. Bryan is still advertised to appear at the event, but earlier today it was reported that he informed WWE that he will not be traveling to the event.

If WWE is looking for another backup plan, Henry went on to say, "I'm not scheduled to be there, but if Vince called me and said, 'We want to have you over there,' I would go."

WWE has faced the backlash of fans, wrestlers, and media since it was announced last Thursday that they would move forward with Crown Jewel. The name of the show is booed by fans when mentioned on television and 'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver and ESPN host Dan Le Batard took the company to task for their decision. 

You can view the full interview with Henry in the video above.

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