Mark Henry: Watching Sting Makes Me Feel Like I Can Still Wrestle At 50 Years Old

Mark Henry is inspired by Sting’s performances but for now, he is focused on becoming a great analyst for AEW.

Mark Henry signed with AEW at Double or Nothing in May 2021 and while his role has predominantly been behind the scenes, he will soon be in front of the camera as one of the four broadcasters on AEW Rampage every Friday night on TNT.

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Recently, Mark Henry stated that he will have his final match under the AEW banner and now, he is saying that despite the fact that he is 50 years old, the recent performances of Sting inside the squared circle have allowed him to become even more confident that when he does make the decision to step back inside the ring, he will do just fine.

“I won't be in the ring as of right now,” Mark Henry tells Miami’s 940 Winz in a new interview. “Even though Sting has made me feel like even at 50, I should be able to get back in the ring.”

When asked if there was a chance that he could become so amped up on commentary that he rips off the headset and jumps in the ring, Henry joked that that would be a big surprise for everybody, including himself.

“If that happens, it's going to be a surprise to me. That will be a surprise, man. I am no spring chicken, Mark laughed.

Speaking about his role on the upcoming Rampage series, Mark Henry would say that AEW he's determined to make sure this show does not have the presence of a lesser show than Wednesday Night Dynamite and he would also say that after matches, he will be leaving the desk to get feedback from performers following their matches, promising to ask the hard-hitting questions.

“We want to make sure that the fans tune in, not only for Wednesday's on TNT, but they tune in for Friday. The only way to do that is to put your best foot forward and that's exactly what we are doing. Look at our announce team. Having Excalibur and Taz, who have been on together hundreds of times and then, you add Chris Jericho who is one of the elites of the elite wrestlers in the world.

“Then, you bring in ‘The World Strongest Man’ for my analysis, and not only will I be on the announce table, I will be leaving the table and I will go in the back after matches and I will ask the hard questions and get the emotion from the talent in real-time, which is not done on wrestling program and right now. So it is cool to be able to go and do something that's not being done.”

Recently, Mark Henry opened up about his role as a coach and stated that one of the talents he is looking forward to seeing grow is Jade Cargill. Mark believes that one day, she can be just as valuable to a company as Kenny Omega. Learn more here.

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