Mark Henry Says He's Moving To A Backstage Mentorship Role In WWE

The World's Strongest Man might actually be retiring from in-ring competition.

And this time, he won't be making the announcement while wearing a salmon-colored suit jacket.

On the most recent episode of Table For 3, Mark Henry told his former Nation of Domination stable-mates Faarooq and Kama Mustafa (Ron Simmons and Charles Wright) that he's hanging up the old wrestling boots and transitioning to a backstage role, where he'll be helping to mentor some of the younger wrestlers as they get their sea legs on the massive ship that is the WWE.

"I can’t believe it sometimes, it’s 21 years. And as we all know, that Father Time is undefeated and my time is coming to an end. I’ll go from being a talent to an employee here in a few months.

I’m just looking forward to making that transition and helping all of these young guys and girls that are coming in beneath us.

That’s kind of been my plight in the business since y’all been gone is basically helping the company re-stock with new talent and people that understand to be responsible to what we do."

While we can all hope for "one more match," if this is truly it for Mark Henry, he goes out as a sure-fire future WWE Hall of Famer and one of the most beloved Superstars of the modern era.

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