Mark Henry Talks Creating The Sexual Chocolate Character, Who Thought It Wasn't Going To Be Approved

Mark Henry wanted to be Sexual Chocolate, even though some in the WWF locker room didn’t think it would get approved.

After Henry’s run with the Nation of Domination ended, Henry was going through an ankle injury and it led to an incident with Shawn Michaels and the Kliq. Appearing on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “Broken Skull Sessions,” Henry explained what happened after that incident.

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“Well, the Nation split up and I resorted to some of my badness during that time. I broke my ankle, I was frustrated. Somebody hid my crutches. When my crutches got hid, Shawn Michaels and the Kliq were like, ‘What happened to your crutches?’ I just went off on them. It didn’t go over very nicely and Vince sent me over to Canada to let the heat blow away and not be on TV.

During Henry’s time in Canada, he was trained a bit by Stu Hart, who was teaching him wrestling holds and ways to utilize his tremendous strength. When Henry returned to the road with the WWF, Henry thought he would try and become a monster who would dominate his opponents. But with WWF looking to bring out more characters and the entertainment aspect, Henry then thought about creating the Sexual Chocolate character, to which D’Lo Brown thought it would not get approved.

“When I came back, I thought I was going to be this monster, I was going to be choking people and then I got in the car with Dwayne and D’Lo and it just all changed. The WWE was going back to being more entertaining and they wanted characters. I kind of had this idea of being a ladies man. They are like, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ I was like, ‘No, no I’m going to call myself Sexual Chocolate and hang out with the ladies.’ D’Lo thought there was no way they were going to let [me] be called Sexual Chocolate. I’d be damned and they like it. That was the start of Mark Henry being a viable commodity in the business,” Henry said.

You can check out the full episode at this link.

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