Mark Henry: WWE Sent Me To Canada Because I Threatened To Kill Shawn Michaels And The Kliq

People loved ribbing Mark Henry.

Mark Henry was immediately positioned as a featured player on WWE television, signing a ten-year deal with the promotion in 1997 and being billed as "The World's Strongest Man" due to his success in weightlifting competitions.

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Speaking to The Undertaker on Six Feet Under, Henry recalled some of his early days in WWE, and an encounter with Shawn Michaels.

"I got in trouble, and they sent me to Canada, because I threatened to kill Shawn Michaels and the entire Kliq. I meant that shit. I meant it, but I found out later on that it was Paul Bearer who hid my crutches. I blamed it on Shawn. They came up to me, 'Hey man, they hid your crutches? What happened?' I was like, 'You're too small to be talking shit. I will fucking kill you and everybody that knows you,'" recalled Henry.

Undertaker laughed and noted that Bearer was "evil."

Henry continued, "Sid was behind Shawn. When I threatened him, Sid was [imitates heavy breathing]. I was like, 'The fuck you breathing heavy for? I'm not talking to you, but if you want it, you can get it too.' [Undetaker] knows who I am. When that switch flips, I don't give a fuck who you are. Ask Vince (McMahon) himself. I told Vince when to take a step back. 'You're in my face.' I don't give a fuck how much money you have, you better back up. 'You're crazy.' No, I'm not. I'm mad. That's when I was stupid. You can't be a in professional industry with no couth. You can't. They're going to get rid of you. It happened to me. [Vince] was like, 'I'd rather pay you your money and get the fuck out of my face.' So he sent me to Canada. Nobody ever sat me down and taught me wrestling etiquette."

Henry credited Owen Hart for letting him know that people didn't rib him because they didn't like him, they ribbed him because they thought it was funny when he got mad.

Henry would spent nearly 25 years in WWE before leaving in 2021 to join AEW.

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