Randy Orton, Triple H, and Ric Flair were always going to be part of Evolution. But there was some debate over the fourth member.

While Batista was the final piece of the puzzle, Mark Jindrak nearly took that spot according to the Evolution episode of Ruthless Aggression. Unfortunately for Jindrak, things didn't work out due to him and Orton causing too much trouble as a tandem.

"It was tough because we were close. Shit, he was my best friend at that point in my career. We spent a lot of time together. To see him upset like that, anybody would be upset. It's a shitty thing to have to go through," said Orton about the decision to not have Jindrak in the group.

Jindrak recalled the moment he was told they were going in a different direction.

"My worst fear came true when we were at Madison Square Garden, it was Raw, Vince McMahon called me into his office and he said, 'I think at this time, it might be a better move for you, not putting you in that group. But we think we're going to put you with Garrison Cade in a tag team."

He continued, "Triple H, I think, was the final guy who said 'he's out.' I can honestly say he was right. Whoever made the decision to take me out of it, he was correct in doing so. It was tough to handle. Tough to grasp. What could have been a multi-million dollar position...I ended up having a mediocre run in WWE."

In the documentary, Triple H confirmed that he was the one who pushed for Jindrak to not be in the group. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

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