Marshall & Ross Von Erich Discuss How They Try To Differentiate Themselves From Their Family

Although both Marshall and Ross Von Erich are part of the legendary Von Erich family, the two MLW stars are looking to find their own identity as wrestlers instead of just trying to be what their relatives were.

Marshall and Ross joined Spencer Love of the Conversations With Love podcast to discuss a number of topics, one of which were their journey to becoming their own wrestlers and finding their identity within the Von Erich family. Marshall said he tried to wrestle like his grandfather or father, but realized he had to do his own thing and listen to the crowd. Ross, on the other hand, said it's all about being yourself but added that there is always pressure of living up to the family name.

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“It's like I was saying, that the name is nothing but a blessing. Our whole careers have been realizations, kind of, because you know, when we first started I tried to move like certain people. I tried to move like my grandpa, or try to move like my dad. I would try to do it and it came off unnatural, but as soon as I listened to my dad about listening to the crowd, actually listening to the crowd and not pre-planning a lot of things and not making, not having that assurance, that was when I finally - people would actually come up to us like, 'Man, you move just like your grandpa! You move just like your uncle Dave!' That's when it actually started coming in together," Marshall said.

“You know, as cliche as that sounds, you know, it really is you just have to be yourself. The best version of yourself. You can't try to be someone else. Naturally, of course, there is that pressure of the family name and everything. I mean, how can you deal with pressure like that, other than, 'Okay, we can - let's just agree with each other that we're going to go in every match we have, we're just going to give it our best hundred percent, pour our guts out every time,' and then we can go to sleep at night saying, 'You know what? At the end of the day, we did our best,'" Ross said.

The full podcast can be seen on YouTube and on Apple Podcasts. Credit to Spencer Love of the WCSN for the transcriptions.

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