Maryse Says She's Got "Butterflies" For Her Match At Mania, But "Nikki Should Be Scared"

Maryse was interviewed by The Orlando Sentinel, and discussed her upcoming WrestleMania match, where will be teaming up with her husband The Miz to take on Nikki Bella and her longtime boyfriend John Cena. 

Maryse is expertly adept at playing the villain for the crowd, but she says it's not something she likes taking home with her at the end of the day. “I love playing a character. When I see fans in the street or at meet-and-greets, it’s great. Sometimes they want me to be that person they see on TV, take a picture with a hand in their face or ask me to ‘be mean like you do.’ But I can’t play that character 24-7. Before I cross in front of the curtain [at WWE shows], I flip a switch and become that Maryse. There’s no career like it.”

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The Miz's career resurgence coincided with the return of Maryse to being by his side for his matches. It was through her distraction that he re-captured the Intercontinental Title from Zack Ryder on the Raw after WrestleMania last year.

His run with that title was one for the ages, and he couldn't have done it without Maryse. “We’re just a good couple. We complement each other really well, help each other 24-7 and have a really good time. Playing our characters – I mean, we come from Hollywood, so we’ve got that. We don’t think twice, we just do it.”

Maryse never thought it was possible for her and Miz to wrestle together on this big of a stage. “At WrestleMania, with my husband, in the same ring, the same match? If you had asked me if that was possible five years ago, I would have laughed in your face. Now it’s really happening.”

Maryse admits to being a little nervous for her big match, but promises she'll erase the doubts some fans might have. “I have so many emotions. I’m excited, I can’t wait, but I do have some butterflies. … I’ve proved in the past that I can accomplish big things, but I’m coming back so people can see what I can do.”

Her nervousness shouldn't be mistaken for a lack of confidence, though. “Let’s just say, I’m good. Nikki should be scared.”

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