Match Ratings For 3/13/20 WWE Smackdown From Sean Ross Sapp

Triple H

  • Triple H welcomes everyone to the Performance Center and explains the concept of it.
  • There's no mention of Coronavirus or COVID-19.
  • He asks people to forget the world around them and allow them to put smiles on faces.
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Boss N' Hug Connection defeated Bliss Cross Applesauce

  • Sasha Banks and Bayley come out playing to a ringside crowd that isn't there instead of a camera.
  • They run through one of their old catchphrases, which was nice.
  • Michael Cole tells them that Paige had travel issues, and can't be there.
  • Triple H heeling Michael Cole on commentary was wonderful
  • I kind of hope everyone just stops wrestling during the breaks.
  • Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross come out and we have a MATCH.
  • Nikki Cross just tried to amp up an invisible crowd.
  • I'm not sure why Sasha needs whipped into the corner to stop and slap someone.
  • Asuka attacks Alexa Bliss and Sasha gets a submission.
  • Bayley, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross were just in a wild position.
  • Triple H says he didn't even see Asuka come in and she must have come through the crowd.

Roman Reigns

  • Roman Reigns' promo dynamic in this is very good. His tone, cadence, what he's saying even.
  • He takes little shots at Goldberg going to Georgia.
  • Reigns talks about working hard to get back and deserving his spot at WrestleMania

Huh!? Other Stuff

  • They re-show the Elimination Chamber tag match. Miz and Morrison cut an in-ring promo on the tag division after the match.
  • Triple H is shown working the camera.
  • Mojo Rawley says Gronk will be here next Friday.

Daniel Bryan (w/ Drew Gulak) defeated Cesaro (w/ The Artists)

  • Daniel Bryan approaches Drew Gulak and gives him props backstage, before being interrupted by The Artists. Bryan vs. Cesaro is set for tonight.
  • Bryan and Cesaro is fast and hard hitting, but ends way too fast.
  • Bryan ends up pulling off a win.
  • The Artists attack Drew Gulak and leave him laying.

Jeff Hardy defeated King Corbin

  • The Artists are backstage with Kayla Braxton, but they've been bumped for Jeff Hardy. Baron Corbin interrupts and delivers some MISERABLE dialogue. Jeff Hardy says they have a match.
  • Corbin is interrupted by Elias, but just walks off.
  • Elias joins commentary.
  • This is FAST. Jeff Hardy wins with a Swanton.
  • They called the Twist of Fate the Twist of Fury.

John Cena

  • I can't believe they brought him to this ring for this.
  • I guess on the bright side, they can film a ton of John Cena segments at the PC and just edit them in and no one will notice if they want.
  • He says Bray Wyatt got lazy and blamed him. He calls Wyatt overhyped.
  • Wyatt shows up. He says John Cena doesn't care about the future and will bury anyone.
  • I'll never forget this episode of Smackdown. Not for any particularly positive or negative reason, but WWE is making history with this show for better or worse.

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