Match Ratings For 4/13/20 WWE Raw From Sean Ross Sapp

Opening Promo

  • Drew McIntyre jokes about the internet being negative sometimes and thanks everyone for the outpouring of support.
  • I have never been negative on the internet so there's more lies told by the WWE.
  • Drew basically calls the highlights of his win over Big Show.
  • This seems exactly like how they handled Rollins last year.
  • Drew says he's going to be a different champion. He's going to be around and give people title shots that deserve it.
  • Andrade is back and has Zelina, who reminds Drew of their NXT Title match.
  • Drew runs down their history, and how Andrade beat him for the NXT Title and tore his bicep.
  • They have a match set for tonight.
  • Andrade cuts a bit of a promo in his own, where he says no more senor Nice Guy.
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Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Asuka defeated Ruby Riott

  • Asuka's dancing becomes significantly less charming when Jerry Lawler says "Man! Asuka has some moves!"
  • Asuka is dancing to Ruby's theme, and Ruby says she wants the real Asuka back and gets her ass kicked for it.
  • Asuka resumes dancing.
  • Riott gains some offense but there's a weird bulldog spot. They start really laying it in after this.
  • Riott escapes both an Ankle Lock and Asuka Lock. After a series of reversals, Asuka gains the tap with the Asuka Lock anyway.
  • Backstage Asuka brags about her win, while Kairi laughs on and talks about her match with Nia Jax.

Other Stuff

  • MVP announces Aleister Black vs. Austin Theory in a qualifying match next week. Apollo Crews will take on MVP next week in a Qualifying match. Also, Rey Mysterio vs. Buddy Murphy.
  • Seth Rollins says his career has been crucified. After the commercial, he's still there and says he's still there for us and the Messiah has truly risen.
  • Charlotte Flair cuts a promo saying that she beat the next big thing in Rhea Ripley, and proved what Vince McMahon knew last year -- that she was the big thing.

Aleister Black defeated Oney Lorcan

  • I just need WWE in canon to explain that NXT and Raw have a working relationship.
  • There's some really good mat wrestling, but you know this is breaking down into them knocking the shit out of each other.
  • By now I think Aleister's opponents know he's not diving outside.
  • Lorcan working for the full nelson was a personal favorite spot. Black has made the scissor sweep into a leg lock a regular move.
  • Just some good chain wrestling going on here.
  • Unsuprisingly, these two slug it out. Lorcan actually almost wins with a big clothesline. They are not treating him like a job guy.
  • "This Oney Guy"- Lawler. Lorcan's been signed since 2015.
  • Black Mass wins it. This was good.
  • I'm liking the post-match interviews

Becky Lynch

  • Becky Lynch says the Joker is the only one who can get close enough to the Queen when talking about Shayna Baszler.
  • She says she always has a plan, especially for whoever wins Money in the Bank, and will challenge whoever wins it.
  • She says she'll shock the world one more time.

Money in the Bank Qualifier
Shayna Baszler defeated Sarah Logan

  • Baszler cracks Logan with a forearm and peppers her with punches.
  • Way too many goddamn camera angle switches.
  • Baszler stomps Logan's elbow and the ref calls off the match.
  • Mike Rome flubbed up and announced Sarah Logan as the winner. They corrected it later.

Austin Theory (w/ Zelina) defeated Akira Tozawa

  • Zelina is all over this show. Interesting that they're not just dropping Austin Theory back down after Mania.
  • This match is fine, but nothing stands out besides Theory doing a standing moonsault early on. His matches so far has seemed like the guy wrestling how he thinks WWE wants him to work.
  • Tozawa does a nice cannonball off the apron. ..........why did Lawler call Tozawa's senton the "Ramen Noodle Moonsault?"
  • Theory wins with the ATL.
  • We have a manager-led stable on WWE Raw. I dig it. Angel Garza and Andrade come out and beat up Tozawa.

Angel Garza defeated Tehuni Miles

  • Tehuni Miles actually trips Garza and eats an awesome dropkick as a result.
  • The person Garza kissed was his fiance.
  • A tree of woe lands for Garza, who is doing great.
  • Wing Clipper wins it.
  • He's joined by his stable, who help him beat down Miles.

Money in the Bank Qualifier
Nia Jax defeated Kairi Sane

  • Nia Jax kicks the shit out of Kairi while Asuka watches on backstage in horror.
  • This couldn't have been anyone else?
  • Nia now calls the press slam into the Samoan Drop the Annihilator.

Lashley (w/ Lana) defeated No Way Jose

  • Lana is screaming at Lashley from the outside. Lashley tells her to shut up.
  • Jose has a great working punch, but gets suplexed overhead.
  • Spear and a win for Lashley.

Viking Raiders defeated Ricochet and Cedric Alexander

  • Oh man. I'm excited for this.
  • Viking Raiders haven't been on Raw in over a month.
  • Ricochet and Alexander got matching gear that doesn't look like anything that anyone else in WWE is wearing. I like that.
  • The action here is insane. All over the place. Dives, and flips, and a change of pace that an already solid show needed.
  • Viking Raiders toss Cedric over the top rope onto Ricochet. Ivar dives over the top on both of them.
  • These are the kind of opponents Viking Raiders need. They'd already done every match to death with them.
  • Cedric gets SQUISHED UP really good, but still kicks out. Commentary puts over the kickout very well.
  • Viking Raiders completely botch the Viking Experience, which could have been avoided if this was taped.
  • They win.
  • Street Profits are backstage joking about Viking Raiders, but Bianca isn't happy with that. She wants SP to beat them before talking trash.

Non-Title Champion vs. Champion
Drew McIntyre defeated Andrade (w/ Zelina, Austin Theory & Angel Garza)

  • Zelina and Andrade are interviewed backstage, and they take exception to Charly's questions.
  • It's a skeleton crew on tonight's Raw, but it's been a pretty solid show built around establishing Zelina's stable.
  • Drew takes over early, but gets distracted and Andrade attacks his arm. This is a good callback to their NXT match, and what Drew referenced earlier.
  • There have been more slip-ups in the ring tonight than any Raw I can remember in a while. Andrade got tangled in the ropes.
  • McIntyre is beating Andrade down with clotheslines. He throws Andrade onto his pals.
  • They play back the injury spot from Takeover, but McIntyre gets out.
  • Bammaslamma, Claymore, win.
  • This was solid.
  • Garza chop blocks McIntyre, and Seth Rollins attacks and stomps.
  • Rollins really shouldn't be in the title picture until he gets a couple of wins, so I hope they have him do that.

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