Match Ratings, Podcast Notes For 11/6/18 WWE Smackdown Live From Sean Ross Sapp Of

 Opening Segment

  • Paige brings out the BEST IN THE WORLD, Shane McMahon.
  • Shane McMahon confirms that he in fact is not best in the world. He and Paige also run down the Survivor Series card.
  • McMahon brings out Daniel Bryan and names him the captain of Smackdown's team. Bryan appreciates that Shane is super humble in saying he's not best in the world.
  • Miz interrupts and isn't happy about how things unfolded in the World Cup, or that Bryan is captain.
  • You hear that, @HustleTheSavage? Miz has plenty of spare rooms.
  • Shane makes Miz and Daniel Bryan co-captains. 
  • Backstage Miz picks Shane McMahon for the team, and Daniel Bryan agrees with the selection. There's an intentionally awkward spot where they get along and don't like it.
  • Bryan picks Rey Mysterio, but Miz says they should pick wrestlers, and have them square off for the spot on their team.
  • Bryan picks Jeff Hardy, and Miz selects Samoa Joe. They're facing each other tonight.
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For Team Smackdown Captain Spot
Usos defeated New Day (w/ Xavier Woods)

  • Kofi distracts Jey with a NOPE Con Hilo, and Big E runs over him. Great spot.  
  • Kofi's leg is dropkicked off the top rope during the commercial.
  • Big E has one of the most insane hot tags ever. Any number of the moves he does during it look like they could finish someone. Several great suplexes.
  • Big E dies on a YOLO dive, but is right back up and sends Jimmy into the barricade. Maybe he should have sold that. He gets thrown into the timekeeper area. 
  • Kofi does an insane Trust Fall onto the Usos. Back in the ring, an SOS and flying body press both get two for him.
  • Big E gets his Yolo Dive, when the Usos are trying to double suplex Kofi off the apron. This leads to a Trouble in Paradise for two. 
  • Uso counters a superfrankensteiner with a super powerbomb. Uso Splash wins the match!
  • After the match, Usos say they respect New Day, and they want them on their team.
  • Wait.....two of the FIVE teams have been decided? Pardon? 


  • Becky Lynch comes out and cuts a promo about what Rousey said on Raw. Becky said all the right things. I'm loving "The Man" gimmick from her.
  • Becky says Ronda is shaming her for all the things she did to pay for how she got where she was.
  • Ronda Rousey was hand picked, and Becky isn't supposed to be here.
  • Becky says that she wants a challenge right now. Sanity's music hits.
  • I got chills when Nikki Cross emerged from the smoke. She has a great presence. She wants to "play." Becky wants to fight.

Becky Lynch defeated Nikki Cross

  • Becky throws Nikki out of the ring, but Nikki catches her in the ring apron and beats her.
  • Becky yanks Nikki off the apron and slams her into the barricade.
  • Cross fires up with her comeback that ends in a bulldog. There's also a flying body press that lands, as well as a falling reverse DDT.
  • Lynch pulls Cross into the bottom rope, then taps her out with Disarmher. This could have used three more minutes.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Shinsuke Nakamura cuts a backstage promo on Seth Rollins.
  • AJ Styles does the same, but directed towards Brock Lesnar, and playing off of Heyman promos.
  • Paige announces Naomi, Asuka, Carmella, Sonya and Charlotte as members of Team Smackdown. Charlotte doesn't come out, instead Mandy does and runs down everyone. Naomi punches her. Okay.

For A Spot On Smackdown Live's Survivor Series Team
Rey Mysterio defeated Andrade "Cien" Almas

  • No Zelina tonight. She's at home after sustaining an injury at Evolution.
  • Rey Mysterio is NOT taking it easy since coming back to Smackdown Live.  
  • Almas takes a crazy bump over the top rope by missing his knees, but catches a Rey huracanrana and slings him into the barricade.
  • The spot of the show is Almas backflipping out of a sunset flip bomb and hitting two running knees in the corner in a really smooth manner. 
  • Almas gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Rey gets his knees up on the corrective moonsault.
  • Rey hits the 619, and drops the dime. Victory is Rey's.
  • Randy Orton RKOs Mysterio. Bryan and Miz argue over whose fault it is.

For Team Smackdown Survivor Series Spot
Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Hardy

  • Whisper in the Wind right out of the gate. 
  • Samoa Joe tosses Hardy into the barricades at ringside until Hardy runs off of it with a clothesline.
  • Daniel Bryan and Miz are bickering about being leaders on commentary.
  • Hardy gets out of a Coquina Clutch and hits a Twist of Fate. He goes up top for a Swanton and eats knees big time.
  • Coquina Clutch, that's a wrap.
  • Joe gets in Bryan's face, and Bryan attacks. Miz pulls Bryan off.
  • Miz "keep your emotions in check, don't move" like Bryan was in front of a bear.
  • Bryan is really aggressive with Shane McMahon and Miz to end the show. Seesh.



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