Match Ratings, Podcast Notes For Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2018 From Sean Ross Sapp Of

Rich Swann & Willie Mack defeated Matt Sydal & Ethan Page

  • I'm not sure how I feel about this venue. It looks better than a lot of their TV.
  • Mack is so agile. He hangs with Sydal every step of the way. Sydal does his part in making Mack look good, too. 
  • Page sends Swann all the way around on a back body drop.
  • The amount of room that the Impact Wrestlers have to work at ringside is dangerous. There's also a dumb spot where Swann gets tricked into looking under the ropes where Sydal hits him,
  • Mack is the only one over in this match to this point, and the place comes unglued for him. He looks like he should be Impact Champion tonight. 
  • Ethan Page does a top rope body slam and a Swanton, but Swann kicks out and has spit all over him. The crowd is into this now. 
  • Sydal frankensteiners Swann into a frankensteiner on Ethan Page. Wow.
  • This match should have been a 4-way for the X-Division title. No reason there shouldn't be a title match
  • Miscommunication leads to a nice sequence where Rich Swann wins with the Phoenix Splash. The last 40 percent of this match was unreal. 
  • Willie Mack has to shill COMDA hard.  It was lame, but he did it about as good as anyone could.
  • Commentary shills COMDA hard too.
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New York Open Challenge
Eli Drake defeated James Ellsworth

  • Eli Drake comes out and says he didn't see any new faces backstage, and trolls the New York Giants at ringside.
  • James Ellsworth answers Eli Drake's challenge. Phenomenal. The crowd isn't happy about it. 
  • Ellsworth says he's not from New York, but he dated a girl from Staten Island.
  • "Fuck you Ellsworth" chants.
  • Ellsworth punches Drake, who is over big as a babyface.  
  • Drake eats a flying flatliner. Ellsworth goes for No Chin Music but gets powerbombed.
  • Drake takes too long and gets superkicked for two. 
  • Ellsworth teases doing a Styles Clash. Instead it's reversed and Eli Drake does two Gravy Trains for the win. 
  • Eli Drake says he wants Hall of Fame competition.
  • Abyss obliges and Black Hole Slams him.
  • Callis saying "I THOUGHT HE HAD TO RETIRE!" when Abyss has been doing interviews for months saying "well, I'm not retired" 
  • Abyss chokeslams Drake through a table.


Impact Knockouts Championship
Tessa Blanchard (c) defeated Taya

  • As long as there are no issues I don't know about, I would build the Impact show around Tessa Blanchard. 
  • Tessa doesn't work with people who can overpower her often, but Taya looks and plays the part.
  • A great early series leads to a spear from Taya.
  • Taya has a lazy kickout after walking into a codebreaker. 
  • Taya turns the tide with a German suplex, a hip attack in the corner and double knees. She's on tonight. She goes from superplex to guillotine, but Tessa powers her up. 
  • "Tessa B aint nothin' to fuck with" chants from the New York crowd. A great cutter gets a two count.
  • Taya gets a big moonsault after a nasty uranage. A surfboard stomp hits great, and Blanchard gets to the ropes on a STF
  • Road to Valhalla hits, but Blanchard kicks out after the ref is out of place. 
  • Taya kicks out of a Buzzsaw DDT. Blanchard goes to Magnum for the win.
  • Blanchard continues to be the star of Impact.

Eddie Edwards & Tommy Dreamer defeated Moose & Killer Kross

  • Killer Kross' submission is not plausible. He attacks Eddie Edwards for a DQ. Moose misses a bicycle kick by a mile.
  • Tommy Dreamer comes out and inserts himself into the match. 
  • Tommy Dreamer just fed Eddie Edwards beer like a mother bird does to its young.
  • Production completely misses Giants offensive tackle Jylan Ware shoving Moose.
  • Some highlights of this match include Moose's big dropkick to Edwards, and Eddie's top rope frankensteiner on Kross.
  • There's a really good extended strike spot that ends in an Edwards Blue Thunder Bomb on Moose.
  • Kross gets kicked RITP by Dreamer, but takes him out with a Doomsday Saito.
  • Edwards rolls up Moose for the win. This wasn't good. It wasn't fun.
  • Kross and Moose jump Edwards. Spear and apron powerbomb. So what was the point of this match?

OVE Rules
OVE defeated Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr. & Fenix

  • Callihan says he draws ratings and buys. Impact's numbers are in the toilet. 
  • No idea why they couldn't do an X title match.
  • Pentagon hilariously offered his jaw up for a superkick. This is a cluster early.
  • There's so much waiting around for an opponent to do a move in the opening minutes of this.
  • Callihan and Fenix are on fire in this match. I really see them as the standouts of this feud. 
  • Jake Crist recovers well when Cage can't catch him in a Drill Claw and posts him.
  • Lots of dives and superkicks. Cage fallaway slams Jake Crist over the top rope onto the pile.
  • I am not as in love with Pentagon's work as many others. Fenix, on the other hand, is something special.
  • Buckle Bomb and spiked Fear Factor on Callihan, but OVE break up the fall.
  • Someone please count the superkicks in this match.
  • The irony of the New York crowd messing up a "you fucked up" chant after Dave and Fenix mess up a modified All Seeing Eye. 
  • Callihan piledrives Pentagon on the apron.
  • All Seeing Eye leads to Cage kicking out at 1 to a big reaction. Cage no sells and gets superkicked about 20 times and pinned by Callihan.
  • The right man won.

Concrete Jungle Death Match
LAX defeated The OGz

  • So if the cease fire ended Thursday after months, why didn't they just fight all night then? What was the point of it to begin with? 
  • This video package is a good example of how to cool off a feud. 
  • They jump around in the ring and immediately pop a piece of lumber up, and it's gonna be a total bitch to land on. The turnbuckles are off and the ring mats are up. 
  • "THIS IS FOR KONNAN!" Is he dead!? He's not dead. We saw him. He's by the shitter downstairs at the Melrose Ballroom. 
  • Can't begin to tell you how dumb it is to have ten people jumping around in a wrestling ring on the exposed lumber. 
  • Watching this ref trying really hard to keep the ring together is great. I mean, that and counting the three. That's what he's there for.
  • Hernandez pounces Ortiz through the table. 
  • Hernandez Border Tosses his own partner in Homicide onto the pile outside.
  • We see a couple of spots ont he exposed boards. King uranages Santana. Ortiz suplexes Homicide. Santana buckle suplexes King.
  • LAX does a thunderous superplex to Hernandez.
  • Konnan shows up to a nice pop. Street Sweeper on King wins it. This was rough.



  • I can't tell you how much I don't like the Lucha Underground Lite stuff.
  • Allie gets help from Father James Mitchell to get into the Undead Realm. Then she murders Su Yung with a hatchet. Cool.
  • Allie gets Kiera Hogan out of the casket, but can't escape. Rosemary shows up and helps. Neat.
  • Allie is possessed. Oh boy. 


Impact Wrestling Championship
Johnny Impact (w/ Taya) defeated Austin Aries (c) (w/ Moose & Killer Kross)

  • These two go at it with some real wrestling early on. This is fun.
  • I didn't expect this out of an Aries vs. Johnny Impact match. I'll rock with different as long as nobody gets murdered with a hatchet.
  • That was probably the best "parkour" spot Impact has ever done. He jumps from the floor to the apron/guardrail and moonsault presses Aries. 
  • This is a particularly snug, stiff match. It needed to be. 
  • Impact hits a 360 body press for two. 
  • Last Chancery is applied, and then Aries throws nasty knees. A couple of minutes later, he gets a flying huracanrana.
  • Impact bails on a Starship Pain. A top rope Spanish Fly looks more like Aries caught him with a codebreaker and left the crowd confused. It was an underwhelming 2 from Impact.
  • The crowd has died out. 
  • Aries gets a beautiful and gross Death Valley Driver on the apron and a 450 for two. Two superkicks and a Starship Pain for Impact gets two as well. Impact's foot is on the rope after a brainbuster. 
  • Aries isn't happy with Taya, and almost gets pinned. Last Chancery applied. 
  • Aries dives out onto Taya and she gets hits HARRRRRRD. Impact goes off, hits a brainbuster and Starship Pain for the win. 
  • Austin Aries gets up and no sells Starship Pain after Impact beats him and then signals up to Don Callis, flips the crowd off and walks out.
  • Either that was a really terrible work, or AA is being unprofessional.

10- Perfect, 9- MOTY Territory, 8- Excellent, 7- Great, 6- Good, 5- Average to above average, 4- Slightly below average, 3 or below: Poor
Each match starts at a 5 and slides up and down based on entertainment, execution, time, environment, reaction and stakes. The ratings are in no way an indication of a "star rating," which is a completely different system. A standard, non-offensive "TV match" lands at a 5.The gap between 5.75-6 is generally the largest, with anything reaching 6 being recommended viewing.

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