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  • Paige reveals that she called the cops last week on Samoa Joe when he showed up at AJ Styles' house. AJ didn't want charges pressed, but isn't there tonight.
  • We see AJ Styles at his house, and he says he isn't leaving until he finds out Samoa Joe is on a plane to Australia. AJ says that he's going to put Joe down under. 
  • I was terrified they were about to turn Styles vs. Joe into a Buried Alive match.
Tony Khan Says Anthony Bowens Is Out With A Knee Injury

Fabulous Truth defeated Andrade "Cien" Almas & Zelina Vega

  • I would like to see the women abandon the spot where the heel grabs the opponent by the hair, screams that they're nothing, and then gets hit. At least for a little while.
  • Zelina gets a nice step up kick and a crucifix in the ropes. 
  • 46-year old R-Truth connects with a huracanrana on Almas.
  • Fabulous Truth stop the action after Tranquilo and have a dance break. Corey Graves says R-Truth can be distracted with a laser pointer.
  • During the commercial break, Truth weakly kicks Almas during a back handspring.
  • Carmella comes in off of a hot tag, which is new, and different and welcome. She goes through her offense and tries to pin Zelina, but Almas breaks up the pin.
  • Truth takes out Almas. Zelina tries to roll through a bridge and falls victim to a Code of Silence and has to tap out. This was a nice transition.
  • This was a way to get Fabulous Truth a win without hurting Almas. Zelina isn't a full-time wrestler, so her losing doesn't hurt her.  

Pancake stuff

  • New Day come out and tease an IcoPro plug.
  • Mr. Bootyworth is to reveal the recipe of their special pancakes tonight. Okay.
  • “I wanted Mr. Bootysworth to penetrate my ear” - Byron Saxton. This pops Graves.
  • The Bar come out and beat up New Day. There is flour everywhere.
  • The Bar dump batter on Mr. Bootysworth.


  • Tye Dillinger tells Paige he wants a shot at Randy Orton tonight. She obliges. 
  • Dillinger and Orton slug it out in the aisle, but Dillinger Singh Bombs Orton on the announce table.
  • Orton recovers and DDTs Dillinger on the floor. 
  • Orton puts Dillinger's finger in the turnbuckle and breaks it. I'm really liking demented Randy Orton, thinking of new ways to hurt people.


  • Rusev & Lana come out and call out Aiden English.
  • English gives a rundown and history of Milwaukee. He includes movies like BASEketball.
  • English throws to a video of him singing about Milwaukee in a hotel room. Lana is shown walking in. 
  • Lana talks to Aiden English, and the video cuts off after she said "I want you."
  • English says he's entertaining offers from TMZ, so he can't show the rest of the tape.  He should have said he was entertaining offers from Gawker. 

Shelton Benjamin defeated Daniel Bryan

  • Miz is backstage, and tells Shelton Benjamin he got him a match with Bryan tonight. Benjamin says he's been waiting for the opportunity to remind everyone who he is.  
  • Benjamin comes out really aggressive, and lands a fireman's carry gutbuster. Bryan is quick to fight back, but Miz is a little distracting on commentary.
  • Miz keeps saying "rasslers."
  • Shelton gets out of a Yes Lock and goes banana on Bryan at ringside, throwing him into anything he can find.
  • Bryan accidentally lands on Benjamin on a diving headbutt that looked really scary. I feared the worst on this spot. 
  • Benjamin is able to cut off Bryan's comeback with a German suplex.
  • Bryan is setting up for his finish, but Miz gets on the apron. This distracts Bryan long enough to eat Paydirt and get pinned by Benjamin!
  • After the match, Miz goes after Bryan's ribs.

Asuka (w/ Naomi) defeated Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay)

  • IIconics dance before the match.
  • Royce whiffs on a wheel kick, but hits a modified Widow's Peak.
  • WWE made me not care about Asuka, or her dropkicking Royce in the chest
  • Asuka rolls into a kneebar, then an ankle lock. Naomi keeps Billie from helping. Asuka Lock, and that's it. 


Becky and Charlotte 

  • Becky Lynch gets a huge ovation, and throws to a video and reacts to it better than anyone I've ever seen.
  • She says she wants what she deserves, posters, action figures, etc.
  • Charlotte comes out and beats her up and that's a wrap.
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