Match Ratings, Podcast Notes For WWE Smackdown Live 9/25/18 From Sean Ross Sapp Of


  • R-Truth and Carmella are hosing "Truth TV" instead of Miz TV. Corey Graves isn't happy about this.
  • Daniel Bryan comes out and is interviewed by R-Truth, who doesn't know what catharsis is.
  • Well I'm sold on Truth TV, they do a seven second dance break.
  • Miz comes out and isn't happy about any of this. He calls R-Truth an idiot, but Truth says he's an idiot with a talk show. 
  • Big Truth TV chants. Fantastic.
  • Miz gets continually frustrated, and R-Truth bans Miz from his show for life.
  • Miz wants Paige to cancel the show. Paige says he's going to have to win it back from R-Truth.
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For The Future Of Miz TV/Truth TV
The Miz defeated R-Truth (w/ Carmella)

  • Miz gets caught running away, which gives Daniel Bryan a talking point.
  • Shout outs to Daniel Bryan for bringing up hip rotation. Homeboy you better damn well believe Brie Bella learned to turn her hips on those kicks.
  • Bryan puts over Miz for being able to wrestle now, but says that Miz uses cheating tactics to win. 
  • This is a really long, pretty elementary segment and match. Denver is a good crowd, Truth and Miz are both really over, and R-Truth is fine in the ring especially for his age.
  • Truth does a Whippersnapper!! Miz gets a thumb to the eye and a Skull Crushing Finale. 
  • Miz eyes Bryan and taunts him. He connects with Bryan's flying knee. It was damn good too. 
  • Miz is underrated from an athletic standpoint. He can get some air.

Charlotte and Becky

  • Charlotte Flair is backstage getting photographed, but Becky Lynch attacks her.
  • Becky is wearing her title belt through the whole beatdown and making the photographer document the process. Fantastic.
  • Good reaction for this.


Sheamus (w/ Cesaro) defeated Big E (w/ New Day)

  • New Day are out and do the "say something nice challenge." They say Cesaro looks like Swiss Jason Statham, but they like his movies. They also say that Sheamus' carpet must match the drapes. 
  • Hiptoss over the ropes to the floor. We're taking it back to WWE Royal Rumble on the SNES days. I like it.
  • Big E gets a bigger STO, but Sheamus powerslams him. Both look really good.
  • Big E jumping powerbombing Sheamus was a sight to behold.
  • Sheamus stops a YOLO dive with his knee and hits the Brogue Kick for the win.


  • Rusev comes out and says he's angry that Aiden English would dare to turn on him ON RUSEV DAY.
  • Aiden English comes out and feels bad, but he helped make Rusev the biggest star in WWE.
  • He blames everything on Lana. She cuts a good promo about helping Rusev and says she got a tank for him.
  • Aiden says that Lana is afraid of him telling Rusev about "that one night in Milwaukee."
  • Denver is chanting "Milwaukee." They also chant "Holy Shit."
  • Becky Lynch approaches a dejected Lana backstage.
  • "I run this women's division" - Becky McGregor on that Proper 12 Whiskey. Becky was great here. This is worth checking out.

Asuka & Naomi defeated Absolution

  • Asuka is hitting pads like a real asshole backstage. I dunno who told her to do it like that, but she knows WAY better. My guess is Naomi couldn't hold the pads. There's a lame little interaction with Absolution and Naomi/Asuka.
  • IIconics are on commentary.
  • Asuka and Mandy Rose are NOT on the same page. 
  • Naomi and Sonya are though, and Sonya connects with a great sliding knee. 
  • Double head kick finishes off Sonya. That looked nasty. I'm glad they didn't do something ridiculous like banning head kicks after last night.

Tye Dillinger defeated Shinsuke Nakamura via DQ
5/10 (Short)

  • Tye Dillinger comes out hot, but the tides are quickly turned.
  • Nakamura goes for a Kinshasa, but gets superkicked and frog splashed.
  • Dillinger has been beaten repeatedly and taken off TV and still gets chants.
  • Randy Orton interferes and causes a DQ. This will serve many purposes. Keeps Nakamura from losing, creates interest in what Orton is doing, and sets up a match with Dillinger on a future Smackdown.
  • Dillinger is sent into the stairs, Singh Bombed on the table, posted, and DDT'd on the floor.
  • Nakamura isn't happy and Kinshasa's Dillinger into the LED board apron.
  • Orton says backstage that Dillinger just pisses him off.


Becky Lynch defeated Lana
5/10 (short)

  • Lana is trying to talk to Rusev before the match.
  • Lana looks completely competent in this match. It helps she's in there with one of the best.
  • Becky baits Lana into coming outside to eat the guardrail.
  • I'm really impressed with Lana's offense tonight. She also sells well.
  • Bexploder, Disarmher.
  • Man, Lana has come a long way. Was in there with the Smackdown Women's Champ and did a lot of good things. Didn't appear out of her depth.
  • Aiden English says he has proof about Milwaukee.


  • Paige and AJ Styles are out for a contract signing, but Joe doesn't come out.
  • Samoa Joe is outside AJ's house.
  • Joe wants AJ to call his house, but he doesn't have his phone in the ring. 
  • Styles is begging Joe not to. He has a great sense of urgency.
  • Joe rings the doorbell and says "Daddys' Home."
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