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Big Show (w/ The Bar) vs. Kofi Kingston (w/ New Day)

  • New Day seems pretty thrilled that they lost their titles.
  • They make some pretty terrible corny jokes. They also make fun of all of Big Show's turns.
  • Kofi Kingston says he wants a match tonight. The Bar takes their sweet time getting to the ring.
  • Cesaro teases wrestling, then Sheamus, but it'll be Big Show.
  • Big Show chops and tosses Kofi around before chokeslamming him four times.
  • New Day and Bar run in, and that's it. The Bar beat down New Day. 
  • Big Show chokeslams Xavier Woods for the exclamation point. This was to get Big Show over again, and it served its purpose. 
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Usos defeated Daniel Bryan & AJ Styles

  • These four are a great fit. The spot that sends the Usos outside the ring and the in-stereo planchas were a nice touch.
  • It's kind of ironic that Daniel Bryan is the one wearing the vivid colors these days and Styles went the other way considering how things were ten years ago.
  • Bryan is sufficiently worked over, and tags out to Styles. AJ gets an Ushigoroshi and applies a Calf Crusher, but Jimmy breaks it up.
  • Miscommunication again as Styles Pele kicks Bryan.
  • The Usos paying tribute to Roman Reigns by Jey cocking his fist during the Uso Splash. Usos win again!
  • Backstage Daniel Bryan makes Pinocchio jokes about AJ Styles, indicating that Styles is lying. This is really stupid. He does a "Too Sweet" hand gesture too. I dunno man. 

Performance Center MAYHEM

  • Charlotte is shown talking to wrestlers at the Performance Center. Several ask questions until Becky Lynch.
  • Becky Lynch attacks Charlotte and several PC members break them up. 
  • I really like Baszler, Duke and Shafir enjoying Lynch and Charlotte beating the snot out of each other.
  • Charlotte cuts an over emotional promo about how there's no line that Becky Lynch won't cross. She says she'll stand over a friend who lost her way. 

Rusev (w/ Lana) defeated Aiden English

  • Aiden says instead of a short Rusev Day, Lana could have a long English night.
  • Rusev goes after English. Aiden gets a swinging neckbreaker and gloats to Lana.
  • Lana throws a shoe at Aiden. Machka Kick, Accolade, the end. 
  • Squash.


Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz 

  • Miz has custom sunglasses and put over all of the happenings at Smackdown 1000.
  • Rey Mysterio says he's happy to be back. Miz says he wants to prove the little man can do it. 
  • There's a lot of talking, but not a lot is really said. Miz just says he'll win the World Cup.
  • Mysterio says he didn't come back to be on some dusty talk show. He came back to compete. 
  • Miz cheap shots Mysterio.
  • After the break we get this match. Not shit has happened on this show.
  • Mysterio scores his baseball slide splash, but quickly gets cut off and worked over by Miz.
  • A wheelbarrow snake eyes hits for Miz, but falls victim to a double springboard headscissors. He avoids the 619 and flattens Mysterio with a sick DDT. 
  • Miz sets up for a super Skull Crushing Finale, but gets body scissored to the mat. Miz catches Mysterio in midair with Reality Check.
  • 619 and Dropping The Dime. Mysterio wins. Miz was a great opponent for Mysterio here.


  • The IIconics come out and promote the battle royal, as does Lana. 
  • It's embarrassing how lazy and shitty the creative is outside of the title picture for the women on Smackdown because they have some great characters.
  • Carmella interrupts Lana for a dance break. I like that the IIconics were just cool with doing a dance break at first, but Zelina attacks Carmella and a brawl breaks out. 
  • Sonya's spear, Lana's Bella Buster, and Mandy Rose's knees are highlights. Zelina hits double knees in the corner and gets wheel kicked by Asuka.

Shane McMahon

  • Shane McMahon is here for some reason. I don't know why, because he doesn't really say anything.
  • Shane puts over Evolution and Crown Jewel.
  • When he says the tournament will determine the "best in the world," the crowd chants for CM Punk. Shane says he's not in the tourney.

Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy

  • I do not understand why Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy would have a singles match a week and a half before they are in the same tournament together. Same with Miz and Mysterio.
  • This is really just Orton beating up Hardy methodically for several minutes. Into the stairs, the Garvin Stomp, the earlobe tug, the Singh Bomb.
  • Jeff Hardy makes his comeback and Randy Orton takes a Whisper in the Wind about the same way Tim Storm took that body press the other night.
  • Hardy whiffs on a Swanton off the apron to the floor. NASTY.
  • Randy Orton ends up getting a nice RKO after a couple of reversals and the win.

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